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To meet the sun 
It was a summer's morning. The sky is still bright, I came to the water park's east-side. Refreshing wind Qiazhao light before a dim view. Tuantuan that the translucent fog, like a piece of white gauze to cover the lake and the sky are inside. On the surface it seems that also braved the Qingyan, running water are unclear, Lake across the rows of green trees in the shadow of Diana but vaguely visible, high and low uneven, not the same depth of color than the color of a lake near dark. 
Gradually, the sky start-up, the fog has slowly desalination, we can see the light green water flows in the quiet, like a child to hear the gentle Yao Lanqu general. Distant trees also show that the layers of piles of green, blue sky suddenly changed, not a Duo Yun, Yin Yin has slightest trace dance thin cicada wing, the horizon, behind Shuying, the red light is slightly exposed, very Conspicuous. Ah! The sun to come out! I am excited Zhidingzhaona Road red light. Slowly, the red light to the expansion of the air. Shushao out for a Hong Yanyan on the edge of the circle, it spread to the surrounding gradually become sickle-shaped, and then a vertical a vertical upward afraid of, a short while, revealing half a red red head, just like Ye Zhao was nothing like. Surge of its tone, effortlessly up a little bit of a struggle, the升腾finally shake off the shackles, `` Proton `` `to come out to, the injection of dazzling brilliance. Shashi, I now has a large circle Liuliu the ball, not very bright, but very cute, a red uniform. The red color seems to trickle down, I am afraid Xiangshan also met with the Hongye eclipsed it. At this time, my heart is tightening: I see the sunrise! 

At this point, the fog in the sky has long been a panic run, the original trees to the Green also exposed the true nature of the Cang, a gold tiles on the surface of the lake are half of the PCE, Liangliang the red wave; lovely sheen. The leaves on the lake, Cao Jian, hung. Crystal holding one of Lu Zhu, in the Chaoyang them under the glittering shine like stars Zhazhe Bitian in the eyes; variety of birds do not know in Where to begin with a different tone, lighthearted sing together .... new day has been booming in the angle of the sun under the outcrop. 

Once again, I set our sights on dominating the sun all things, seems to be very close to me from very close. I have felt the heat of its body temperature, breathing evenly, and smooth it with the pulse. It is another kind of looked at me with warmth of the sun Fumo of my shoulders, I feel my body Nuanyang Yang, seems to have a strong Buwan. 

Oh, this is the sun! Full of hope, full of vigor, full of strength. She walked from another world - the dark cold world. She encountered many difficulties and dangers the road, but she has finally come to this bright world have come. At this moment she is still clock forward, led her walk around all move forward to meet it is a better future. Even I also like that it was the vibrant spirit of the infection, this run, chasing Zhena gradually blinding, gradually rising sun, as if I have the whole physical and mental Rongjin the bright sun, it .... 

The real sun, the real life!
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