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...May 12th is an ordinary day in 2008,itis in this day that shocking earthquake happened in Sichuan province,China.The earthquake destroyed nearly everything in Wenchan county Sichuan province. It was terrible.We can't describle the scene what we saw with any words.thousands of people were injured even died. And thousands of children became such unlucky ones who lost fathers or mothers , they longed to have families to continue their lives .I am sympathetic to their fate ! But I believed that we can fight against the fate and change it .For example ,there many people keeping living without food or water for about 100 hours during the earthquake! 
What an unbelievable thing it is !their great spirits showed the powerful life vitality of humans!However,they must keep fighting against the death .Many schools were destroyed and there were many students and teachers who left us forever.Sadness,hoplessness and different kinds of danger spreaded out here and there ! 

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Several days ago, there was a earthquake affected Ruchuan, Sichuan, China. And the resoult is thounsands people died from this earthquake, and now, the government is sending troops to that area to rescue those who servive, but yet, still stuck in the darkness. I saw many pictures about the situation there, many students died, a whole lot of died body, I cannot believe those are the student just like you and me, they were just like us, but now, a whole lot of corpses are stiring at me through the picture, telling me how they feel when they facing the death, and yell at me that they do not want to die, they are still young! Their city is distroied, but now, I am standing here, give you all the speech, this is such a easy work if compare to those who already died, I feel that I really is the lucky one, there is no earthquake here, I don't need to suffer in the dark, all my friend and my familly is all right, I'm still in good health, there really is nothing I can ask for more. I know we see a huge shadow in front of us, but I am not afried, because I know, and I can guarantee you that there is sunlight behind us, the sun, the hope, is still here, we already got everything we needed 
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Heaven, unfortunately, May 12 4 Chuan Wenchuan 7.8 strong earthquake occurred. All the people concerned about the disaster areas, the children's eyes fear and helplessness affects all the crying mother's heart. These children not only experienced the destruction of their homes in the disaster, but also to face the loss of a parent's psychological pain. In order to help them, the CPPCC National Committee members sunshine Cultural Foundation Chairman Yang Lan initiative to "care for orphans action" in support of the All China Women's Federation, All China Women's Federation decided in the Chinese Foundation for Children set up a "major earthquake orphans Wenchuan special relief fund" to Disaster areas to assist the relevant departments for the basic livelihood of orphans at this stage, post-disaster psychological counselling and long-term dependency education.
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中国四川汶川大地震灾害严重,已造成500多万人无家可归。请你代表 我校写一封慰问信 向 灾区人民 表示关怀和慰问。 

1. 简要描述灾区的情况 

2. 对灾区人民 表示 关怀 和 慰问 

3. 表达 灾后重建家园 的信心 

Dear victims, 

The earthquake which happened two weeks ago in Sichuan province is an enormous disaster for our whole nation. It has caused both financial and life loss. Until now, fifty thousand people lost their lives due to the earthquake and much more injured seriously. Five million people have no homes to return as the majority of the buildings were collapsed 

We are sorry about this accident. It’s a pity that many children lost their parents and many couples lost their lovers. I could not help but cry when hearing of the moving stories that happened during the disaster. 

Our whole nation is a big family, every member would like to give a helping hand to the people who suffered from the earthquake. We must show our warm-heartedness and make donations to the stricken area so that their broken heart can be warmed. 

A series of actions has been taken since the earthquake happened. I believe the stricken area will soon be restored with the soldiers and other warm-hearted people’s help. The future will be bright, cheer up! 

Yours sincerely