Comments on the design ver 1 and 2

I like the way that text being arranged in ver 2. Vertically and irregular. Could be good and used for graphic purposes (text size can be much bigger for greater impact), apart from messaging, but I think it is better to arrange it to read from left to right instead of right to left currently. Can try to arrange text on a regular rectangular shape, as well as in horizontal orientation, like many catalogs are done.

As this booklet is more about si+d as a company, main priority is to pass our message of:

who are we...use the passage written by ad agency about only for the select few....(Can be put in inside cover page + page 1) 
Pg 2/3. I think we put in the logo boxes again to reemphasize brands that we represent. For the cover use just the si+d and without the word collection as my previous email mentioned. For this page, use the si+d plus collection. This is basically our collection. 
P4/5. Extention of 2/3. I think we create a matrix box or somehow to show reader which brand has a certain type of product. (like what we do for the web site)

p6/7. what we offer....use the passage as a brige under design in ver.2, but deleted interior design... The text has to be rephrase....key is that with this bridge, we are able to help designer and client to REALIZE the design intent. The missing point is help them to realise what they intended (like what we do to outsource from brands specified by designer but we don't represent these brands), rather than just provide professional solution. Use the + sign in our logo to emphasize the bridge concept. 

p8/9. extension of 6/7. Present more details on how this "bridge" works. Maybe in a diagram form (nice designed) and text or 100% text. Key points to highlight. (1).Professional local team with showroom, (2). Represnting Key brands of design furniture world, (3). Milan & Hong Kong Office that facilitate outsourcing, (4). Delivery and installation, & (5) Assist designer/client in 'dressing' up the area..i.e visual presentation. Allocate pg10/11 if required for more space.

p10/11/12/13/14 + inside back page. TTL 6 pages - one page for intro, 1 page each for B&B, Poliform arenna and Moroso, then 2 pages for other brands. Feature showrooms. Must present B&B, Poliform arenna & Moroso having mono brand showroom, plus another for si+d collections for all brands. 
Back cover - map and address. address format to be same as name card.
So I think we will minimum need 14/16 pages + thicker cover. I think it is not too thick for the book to be inserted into the cd cover. Please check whats the Maximum pages allowed...as we might add more for a greater impact.

Graphic text should be on right side of page and not left page for better impact.

As high resolution for photos might be limited,  so we might have to use smaller pics like we did for the calender. Please check with Alice for the location of such photos if you not already know.

I brought back some new photos after the Salone, please check with Elain, as well as ask her to help to check in brand's restricted site to see if there are photos aavailable to be downloaded


逆鳞 4级
2008-08-05 回答

我喜欢的方式,文字被安排在旅馆查看2 。垂直和不规则。可以很好的和用于图形的目的(文本尺寸能被大得多,为更大的影响) ,除了消息,但我想这是更好地安排它改为由左向右,而是从右至左的目前。可以设法安排文本上定期矩形形状,以及在水平方向,许多人一样目录的工作。 

作为这本小册子是更多地了解硅+ d视一间公司,主要重点是要通过我们的讯息: 

pg 2 / 3 。我认为我们提出的在该徽标箱再次再次强调品牌,我们是代表。为封面只使用硅+ D和无字,收集正如我先前的电子邮件中提到。此网页,使用硅+ d加收集。这基本上是我们的收集。 
的P4 / 5 。扩建2 / 3 。我认为我们创造一个矩阵方块,或在某种程度上显示读者,其中品牌,具有一定的产品类型。 (像我们做什么,为网站) 

小六/七。我们提供的....使用通过作为一个brige下,设计在ver.2 ,但删除的内部设计...案文已被重组....关键是,有了这种桥梁,我们是能够帮助设计师和客户端,以实现设计意图。失踪的一点是,帮助他们认识到他们有什么打算(如我们做什么外包,从品牌指定的设计师,但我们并不代表这些品牌) ,而不仅仅是提供专业的解决方案。使用+登录在我们的标志,强调桥的概念。 

p8 / 9 。延长6 / 7 。目前更多细节如何,这“桥梁”工程。也许在一个图表的形式(尼斯设计)和文字或100 %的文本。重点突出。 ( 1 ) 。专业的本地团队与陈列室, ( 2 ) 。 represnting主要品牌的设计,家具世界, ( 3 ) 。米兰及香港办事处,方便外包, ( 4 ) 。交付和安装,及( 5 )协助设计师/客户端在'打扮'了面积..即视觉效果。分配pg10/11 ,如有需要,为更多的空间。 

p10/11/12/13/14 +内回到页。的TTL 6页-一个网页介绍, 1页,每个的B & B等p oliforma renna和m oroso,然后2的页面为其他品牌。功能陈列室。必须出示b & B等poliform arenna & moroso有单品牌的陈列室,再加上另一硅+ d集合所有品牌。 
因此,我认为我们将需要的最低14/16页+厚,涵盖的范围。我觉得这是不是太浓,为这本书,以插入到CD封面。请检查是什么,最高的页面,让… …作为我们可能会添加更多的更大的影响。 



i带回了一些新的照片后, salone ,请与elain ,以及要求她协助办理登机手续品牌的受限制的网站,看看是否有照片aavailable被下载