ye dam yun bit complete..是啥意思,,


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a bit (of)有点;稍微The modern opera was a bit of a disappointment; we expected it to be much better.这部现代歌剧有点令人失望,比我们想象中的差得多。I asked her to give me a hand but she's being a bit bolshy about it.我请她过来帮忙,但她却有点不乐意。I'm a little bit tired. Let's take a short rest.我有点累了。让我们休息一会儿。I'm a bit tired tonight.今晚我有点疲倦。The painting on the wall is a bit crooked.墙上的油画有些歪。Don't believe all he says — he's a bit of a boaster.别全信他说的,他有点自吹自擂。We were very sorry to see that the houses of some school teachers were a bit of a hole.看到有些小学教师的住房小得象个窝,我们很难过。a bit (of)一点儿也(不)I'm not a bit tired now.我现在一点儿也不累。A: Sorry to have bothered you. B: Not a bit (of it).甲:对不起,打扰你啦。乙:哪儿的话!Really, David is not a bit like his brother as far as generosity is concerned.的确,就慷慨大方这一点来说,大卫确实一点也不象他哥哥。

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