Robert Moody, 52, is an experienced police officer 帮我翻译一下全文,别在网上的在线翻译

Robert Moody, 52, is an experienced police officer. Much of his work involves dealing with  drug  an gang (团伙)problems in the schools of his community. Knowing that many kids often  ran into  trouble, he decided to do something about it. So in 1991 he began to invite small groups of kids to go fishing with him on his day off    .
Those fun trips had a(n)  lasting impact. A chance encounter in 2000 proved that. One day,  while working security at a school basketball game, Moody noticed two young guys quarreling   .He sensed trouble between them.  suddenly one of them headed toward Moody and gave him a hug.”I remember  you. You took me fishing  when I was  in fifth grade. That was one of the best days of my life .”
Deeply touched by the boy’s word, Moody decided to create a foundation(基金会)that  introduces teenagers to the basics of fishing in camping programs. “As a policeman, I saw where there was violence, drugs were always behind it. They have a damaging impact on the kids,” says Moody.
By turning kids on to fishing, he intended to present an alternative way of life, “When you’re sitting there waiting for a  bite ,”he says, “you can’t help but talk to each other, and such conversations can be pretty deep.”
“Talking about drugs helped prepare me for the peer(同龄人)pressures in high school,” says Michelle, 17 who participated the first program. “And I was able to help my little brother avoid drugs.”
Moody faces retirement in three years, when he hopes to run the foundation full-time.”I’m living a happy life and I have a responsibility to my communitl to give back,” Moody says.”If I teach a kid to fish today, he can teach his brother to fish tomorrow


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Robert moody ,52岁,是一个经验丰富的警官。在他的社区里,他的很多工作都涉及到处理校园毒品团伙问题。了解到很多孩子经常陷入困境,他决定为此做点什么。所以从1991年,在他的休息天里,他开始邀请一小帮孩子去钓鱼。