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尊敬的墨子:  Respect of mohism: 

这是两千年后的一个学生写给你的信。  This is after two thousand years of a student to your letter. 

我不知缘何想要写信给你,只知道我因你而懂得了一个简单却又深邃的道理:仰望星空也要脚踏实地。  I don't know why want to write to you, for you only know I learned a simple yet profound truth: sky will down-to-earth. 

记得小时候,我无意间从书架的最底层摸到一本古朴的线装书,这便是我与你的第一次“邂逅”。  Remember when I was young, I hit the bottom of the shelf to touch a simple book thread-bound book, this is my first time with your "encounter". 

但这第一次似乎并不大美妙,因为从你那黝黑的脸上我看不到一点情感,只有“守不竟,即赴死”的严苛与冷酷。  But this first doesn't seem big wonderful, because from your that dark face I cannot see a bit emotion, only "keep not unexpectedly, namely die" stern and cold. 

那时我觉得,你一定不是个有远大理想的人,一定不是个会仰望星空的人。  Then I think, you must not a person has great ideal, must not a will be looking at the stars. 

但终究,我没有放下这本书,而是日益被它吸引。  But eventually, I didn't put down the book, but increasingly it attracts. 

“天下之人皆相爱,则强不执弱,众不劫寡”--书中的每一个字都散发着一股奇特的稻香。  "The rest of the world, the person all love strong non-attachment is weak, the selloff few" -- book of every word is sending out a stream of strange fragrance drifting. 

于是每每书页翻动,我便仿佛回到那个人人“交相亏贼”的纷繁乱世。  So often pages, and I will like turning back to that everyone "photograph kui thief" of the numerous troubled times. 

苍茫中,我看到了那塞外骑着青牛缓缓西去的老者,望天吟咏“功遂身退,天之道”;  Boundless, I saw the beyond ride cow slowly man of our youth, looking up to heaven, chanting "work hence body retreated, days; way" 

也望见那杏坛上侃侃而谈的翩翩君子,仰天大呼“天何言哉?天何言哉”;  Also see the fervour of xingtan on pian-pian gentleman mt.huandshan big breathe out "days? What more what more zai zai" heaven, 

我看到了临淄稷下学宫中百家争鸣的一派繁荣,也见到了楚河上鼓盆而歌的隐士,正陶醉地“独与天地精神往来”。  I saw LinZi Ji learns palace a hundred schools of thought contend apparent prosperity, also met bo Lin sing on the hermit drum basin, is with "alone with heaven and earth spirit exchanges". 

终于,我一眼望到了你。  Finally, I at first glance to you. 

你并未选择归隐,也不愿去与诸子整日无谓地论战。  You did not choose withdrawing, also do not wish to go with all zhuzi unnecessarily controversies. 

你只是奔波在华夏大地上,以行者的姿态现于人间,奔走疾呼,救百姓于水火,解万民之忧苦。  You just go on valued the to skywalker posture presently in the world, and to run to come up, save people, solution of the peoples trouble. 

“尽天下之卵,其石犹是也”,你是如此脚踏实地,你的脚步是如此坚实、不屈。  "All of the world, and its stone judah eggs is also", you are so down-to-earth, your steps is so strong and unyielding. 

我终于明白,你并非不会仰望星空,你的繁星是“天下大同”。  I finally understand, you not not looked up at the sky, you of the stars "everything is in datong". 

只是比起那些只知仰望星空,只能制造苍白无力的口号的其余诸子,你宁愿脚踏实地地践行自己的理想,让“兼爱”--你的这片星空划出更绚烂的光芒。  Just than those who know only sky, can only produce pale slogan of the remaining peoplei, would you rather down-to-earth manner practicing my ideal, let "universal" -- you, the piece of sky underline more gorgeous light. 

所以,你总在不停地奔忙。  So, you always kept moving. 

你曾不远千里游说楚王,并“九拒鲁班攻城之机变”,拯救宋国一方百姓;  Have you walk a thousand miles, and "nine lobbying the king of lu JiBian water-and siege", save one people; 

你又四处奔波,“非攻”“非乐”“非命”“非儒”,为的就是切实地为这乱世提出真正的“济世良方”。  You again on the move, "not attack" "not" music "FeiMing" "the Confucian" for the practical for this gone forward real "embodies the prescription". 

你仰望星空,又总是不忘脚踏实地。  You looked up at the sky, and always did not forget in a down-to-earth way. 

因而你的脚步从不停息,你的足迹遍布神州大地。  Therefore your footsteps never ceasing, your footsteps throughout 9.6-million-square-kilometer land. 

而在这浮夸虚假仍存于世的两千年后,你的脚步也越发显得坚实、有力。  While in this coxcombical false remain in the world after 2000 years, your footsteps also increasingly seem solid, strong. 

原来,你的双眼永远仰望着星空;  Originally, your eyes always look to the sky, 

原来,你的双脚从未离开过大地!  Originally, your feet had never left the land! 

黑衣黑发、黑眼黑面,眼望星空,脚踏大地,奔走于大地上的你,就像一道黑色的闪电,划破天际,穿透重霄,为这九州五岳点燃永不熄灭的火焰!  Black hair, black eyes, brown eyes were watching the stars, pedal the earth, rushing in earth you, like a black lightning, sky-high, for this kyushu mountains of flame lit never goes out! 

人类需要仰望星空,因为没有星空的照耀,我们的路不会有前方。  Humans need sky, because without the stars shine, we won't have the road ahead. 

但是,在仰望星空的时候,也不能忘了脚踏实地,为他人为社会切实地做点什么。  But, in the sky, also cannot forget down-to-earth, for the society for others conscientiously do something. 

毕竟,星空的美丽永远不属于大地,只有我们脚踏实地,才可以用自己的每一个脚印折射出星空的绚丽。  After all, the starry beauty never belongs to the earth, only we down-to-earth, just can use their every step refracts the starry flowery. 

墨子,感谢你,让我明白了这简单却又深邃的道理,也感谢你让我的生命拥有了最恒久的动力。  Mo zi, thank you, let me understand this simple yet profound truth, also thank you make my life has the most lasting power.


My fish really is some extraordinary, said it's sometimes very friendly.don it indeed obedient, it in the fishbowl leisurely swim to swim, never go to attack other than its smaller fish. But, if it wants to play, will and a few small fish playing "hide-and-seek" they play happy, the run. Time of have a meal, it is and how carefully! It never overlooks a grain of fish, if there is food fell into small rocks in the gaps, it is not giving that one of the stones of lick several times, just give up! If it pleased, will be around a tree hydrophytes swim a circle, here lick, there to bite, sometimes take small tail sweep, reoccupy hand draw there, drawing here until satisfaction to just walk away appreciation of his paintings, this picture lifelike "aquarium grass painting". It if you are not happy, just stepped aside to glass become speechless, no matter how you knock glass it remained motionless. Night came, it was hiding in a many aquatic composed of "grass" go to sleep, morning, rooster what time call and then what time to get up, wake up, it put small stone into his mouth bite a little while longer to spit it out, this is the students every day in the morning to do - mouthwash, brushing teeth. This only small fish love to eat green food, for example the fishbowl grasses, father of it this hobby is opinion. We estimate that this is a carp, just a few months old, recently grows fine beard. However, it received suffering than anyone, it experienced the test of life and death. It is my fourth grade last semester to autumn when, when I bring back still clutching several varieties of different fish together back, keep at old house balcony bowl. One day, my mother night clothes not advertent, a few drops of water are washing powder fell into the basin, the second day, fish all dead, only this only carp sir (miss) is still alive, but also withering away, everyone thought it also not line, thought of it incredibly accidental survived. Soon, we moved house had, and bought a big aquarium. Put the fish was put in. In a fish bowl, although it is not the most beautiful, it is the biggest, is also grow the fastest. But it never bullying4 carry, with strong victory is weak, soon, the aquarium fishes are became good friends! It was a lovely and smart "tinies".

我的这条鱼实在有些与众不同,说它老实吧它的确有时候很乖,它在鱼缸里悠闲的游来游去,从不去攻击其它的比它小的鱼。可是,如果它想玩,就会和几条小鱼玩起“捉迷藏”它们玩得可高兴了,东躲西藏。 吃饭的时候,它又是多么仔细呀!它从不放过一粒鱼食,如果有鱼食掉到小石头的缝隙里的话,它非把那一片的石头都舔几遍,方才罢休! 它如果高兴,就会围着一棵水草游一圈,这儿舔舔,那儿咬咬,有时候还拿小尾巴打扫一下,再用小手画画那儿,画画这儿,直到满意才走远去欣赏自己画的这幅栩栩如生的“鱼缸草画”。它若是不高兴,就走到一旁,对玻璃发愣,无论你怎么敲打玻璃它都一动不动。 黑夜到了,它就躲在一片有很多水草组成的“草丛”里去睡觉,早晨,公鸡啥时候叫就啥时候起床,醒来后,它把小石头放进嘴里咬一会儿再吐出来,这就是同学们每天早上都要做的事情-----漱口、刷牙。 这只小鱼很爱吃绿色食品,比如说鱼缸里的水草,爸爸对它的这个爱好很有意见。 我们估计这是一条鲤鱼,才几个月大,近来长出了细细的胡须。不过,它受过的苦难可比谁都多,它经历过生死的考验。 它是我四年级上学期去秋游的时候带回来的,当时我还抓了几条品种不同的鱼一起带回来,养在旧房子阳台上的盆子里。有一天,妈妈夜晚晾衣服时不留意,几滴有洗衣粉的水掉进了盆子,第二天,鱼都死光了,只剩这只鲤鱼先生(小姐)还活着,不过也奄奄一息了,大家都以为它也不行了,没想到它居然意外的活了下来。 很快,我们搬了家,买了一个大鱼缸。就把这条鱼放了进去。在鱼缸里,尽管它不是最漂亮的,却是最大的,也是长得最快的。但是它从不以大欺小、以强胜弱,很快,鱼缸里的鱼儿们都成了好朋友! 它真是一只可爱、机灵的“小不点”。

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