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Rural and urban
  Saturday, the weather is good. White clouds floating leisurely in the sky, the sun in the endless blue sky full of energy in the guard. My grandpa going to see the rural landscape Tiantong, suck suck fresh air in rural areas. 

We take the 362 bus, after half an hour to a day to children, turned over a hill to the Tiantong Temple. Temple trees, chatting in the shade a lot of elderly people. Yi Keke tall, powerful temple guards, like pine trees, guarded day and night. Bee a good time to take advantage of this hard work in the garden to gather honey. Little turtle crawled out from the pool, lazily lying on the bamboo raft on the sun. The most famous temple is a century-old trees, big kids like us need to put him five or six enclosed. As long as a deep breath, you can feel the fresh air around. 

Uncle village farmers to work hard in the fields, beside the river a number of women farmers in the vegetables, washing clothes. There is neither noisy car horns, no motor vehicle emissions, can be described as paradise on earth. Side of the road there is a crystal clear stream, a surge of cold fresh spring water from the ground come up. 

Grandpa took me to the gourd to the former, the yellow flowers are what it is, the instrument allows absurd. I saw a yellow flower, I thought: What is it? Yes! There are yellow river area, which later became a pumpkin I did not cried: "the pumpkin!" You take a closer look, "Yes! Is a pumpkin!" "Then you look at that small is that?" I am a little dejected, "is a loofah" Grandpa asked: that red apple is the size of what? "I without hesitation, blurted out," was an apple, and is fast mature apples. "Soon as he finished, I was sent. Hastily corrected," is a tomato! "" Instrument allows it! " 

My grandfather told me, Although the city has many tall buildings are in rural areas but only one or two tile-roofed house. In fact, the environment in rural areas better than cities, rural areas have clean air and clear rivers 

Wandering off to the station, so I reluctantly got on the heart also taken with the beautiful countryside.
农村和城市    星期六,天气很好。悠悠白云漂浮在天空,在蔚蓝的天空在后卫充满活力的阳光。我的爷爷去看看农村的乡村景观天童,吸吸新鲜空气。  我们以362公交车,经过半小时到儿童节,过一到天童寺山转。寺的树,在树荫下聊天的老人很多。一棵棵高大的,强大的寺庙警卫,守卫,日夜像松树。蜜蜂的好时机,采取在花园里采蜜的优势,这些艰苦的工作。小海龟从池中爬了出来,懒洋洋地在太阳上竹筏说谎。最有名的寺庙是一个百年的老树,像我们这样大的孩子需要五六把他包围。只要一个深呼吸,你就能感觉到周围的空气清新。  叔叔村农民在田地里辛勤工作,在河边的蔬菜数量的女农民,洗衣服。既没有喧闹的汽车喇叭,没有机动车的排放量,可以作为描述的人间天堂。边的路上有一个水晶清澈的小溪,一冷淡泉水从地面上来激增。  爷爷带我去到前葫芦,黄色的花是什么,该仪器可以荒谬的。我看到了一个黄色的花朵,我想:这是什么?是啊!有黄河流域,后来成为了我没哭南瓜说:“南瓜!”你仔细看看,“是的!是一个南瓜!” “那你看,小是什么?”我有点沮丧,“是一个丝瓜”爷爷问:那个红苹果是什么尺寸? “我毫不犹豫地脱口而出,”是一个苹果,并迅速成熟的苹果。 “话刚说完,我被送往。急忙纠正,”是一个西红柿! “”这下可吧! “  我的祖父告诉我,尽管这个城市有许多高大的建筑物在农村,但只有一个或两个瓦房。事实上,城市的环境比在农村地区,农村地区有干净的空气和清澈的河流  到车站徘徊过,所以我不情愿地上了车还与美丽的乡村所采取的心。
Now I have not met the superior living conditions, until that "Village Tour" ... ...      I got up very early that day, multiplied by the car full of fun, we hit the road. Constantly changing landscape of the road with: or beautiful, or tranquility, or broad. See my eyes, but my mind was exceptionally comfortable.      From time to time, a few casually eating the grass of the lamb will appear in my vision, I counted one by one with great interest, and counting, I fell asleep ... ...      Wake up soon reach their destination by car. In this way, I saw many farmers, who toil in the hot sun dried the heavy farm work, sweat, still still persisted. It touched me deeply, as we sat in air-conditioned room, eating ice cream these children will never experience a real hard not farmers.      However, I am not that big deal in this space, I'm the kind of suffering experienced: a large bright sunny afternoon, I came to the orchard Ergu them, there are a lot of grapes, up to the peaches.      Although not a difficult task to share the glory, but in the burning sun under the sun really is not easy: because the peach, so it should continue to walk through the orchard. The wind blowing a little orchard less than feeling like walking in a large steamer, to be baked at any time possible. Blowing hot air I do not like it, I want to go home, but teeth persisted. Khan has been from the beginning to flow to the legs, and I all wet, like a bath the same.      Finally, peach pick over. I sighed a big, big difference between urban and rural areas really, and if as it is now so hot, I had at home, blowing air, and might even eat a vat of ice cream ... ...      However, compared to the farmers who work every day, I am doing this live, really unambitious.      I heard Ergu said, when my little sister loved to learn. But the family was poor, she will need to house cattle. So she on the side of cattle, while reading, in this case, she is very good grades. Later, she admitted with honors from key universities. My sister became a teacher now, better social living conditions of many, but she is still very frugal, never squandering a penny. I live in such a good environment, but also should try to learn.      After listening to Ergu, I deeply feel: today's children are the flowers in the greenhouse, much care. So the parents to form a weather-beaten earnestly education children do not listen to the problem.      If the city's children and farmers to take their ratio, it can only have one word: different. Yes ah, city life is better now, the children are accustomed to "clothing to hand out rice to mouth" days, how can we appreciate the hard work of farmers, to understand the hard work farmers do?      "Hoe Wo day when afternoon, sweat Wo soil under. Who would have thought the chopping block 粒粒皆辛苦." This is the first poem of well-known many years I do not know everybody's lips. Now the children have never never felt so bitter. I want to say, "Benjamin agriculture" even if the poem is not memorized, but rather to understand the plight of the farmers really, it's only really understand the true meaning of the poem. The correct their pampered habits, is to read the poem.      Modern, is an intense competition out of the era, we not only want to get good grades on it. We should learn the spirit of rural children work hard, study hard and strive to achieve better results.       
 我一直不为现在优越的生活条件所满足,直到那次“乡村之旅”……     那天我很早就起了床,乘上满载欢乐的车子,我们上路了。路上的风景不断的变换着:或秀丽,或静美,或广阔。看得我眼花缭乱,但心里却格外舒畅。     时不时的,几只悠闲地吃着青草的小羊就会出现在我的视野里,我饶有兴致的一一数过,数着数着,我便睡着了……     醒来的时候,车子就快到达目的地了。在这段路上,我看到了许多农民,他们在烈日下辛勤地干着繁重的农活,汗流浃背,却还依然坚持着。这让我感触很深,像我们这些坐在空调屋里吃冰激凌的孩子,是永远体会不到农民真正的辛苦的。     不过,我不是在这空说大道理,我可是体验过了那种苦:艳阳高照的大中午,我和二姑他们来到了果园里,这里有许多葡萄,最多的是桃子。     虽说摘桃子并不是件难事,但在烈日的灼晒下还真是不容易:因为桃树很多,所以要不断地在果园中穿行。而果园里一点风也吹不到,那种感觉就像走在一个大蒸笼里,随时都有被烤熟的可能。扑面而来的热气实在让我很难受,我想回家,却咬牙坚持着。汗已经从头流到了脚,我浑身都湿透了,就像洗了个澡一样。     终于,桃子摘完了。我大大的叹了口气,城市和农村真是差别太大了,要是像现在这么热,我早在家吹空调了,说不定还能吃上一大桶冰淇淋呢……     不过,比起那些天天干活的农民,我干的这点活,真是小巫见大巫了。     我听二姑说,我二姐小的时候非常爱学习。但是家里很穷,她必需要为家里放牛。于是,她就一边放牛,一边读书,在这种情况下,她学习成绩还是很好。后来,她以优异的成绩考上了重点大学。现在我二姐当了老师,生活条件也好了很多,但她还是很节俭,从不乱花一分钱。而我生活在这么好的环境中,更应该努力地学习。     听了二姑的话,我深深的感受到:现在的孩子都是温室里的花,倍受呵护。于是就形成了饱经风霜的父母苦口婆心的教育而孩子们不听的问题。     要是拿城市的孩子和农民们比,那就只能有一个词形容:天壤之别。是啊,现在城市的生活好了,孩子们都过惯了“衣来伸手,饭来张口”的日子,又怎么能体会到农民的艰苦、了解农民的辛劳呢?     “锄禾日当午,汗滴禾下土。谁知盘中餐,粒粒皆辛苦。”这首脍炙人口的诗不知传颂了多少年。而如今的孩子们却再也体会不到这样的苦了。我想说,《悯农》这首诗并不是背过就算了,而是要体会的农民真正的苦,这样才算真的体会到这首诗的真谛。而改正自己娇生惯养的习惯,便是读懂这首诗了。     现代,是一个竞争激列的时代,我们不仅仅要成绩好就可以了。我们应该学习农村孩子吃苦耐劳的精神,刻苦学习,争取取得更好的成绩。