One of the most technically gifted and popular vocalists of the immediate postwar period, Jo Stafford effortlessly walked the line between breezy pop and the more serious art of post-big-band jazz singing. With the help of her husband, top-flight arranger and Capitol A&R director Paul Weston, Stafford recorded throughout the '40s and '50s for Capitol and Columbia. She also contributed (with Weston) to one of the best pop novelty acts of the period, a hilariously inept and off-key satire that saw the couple billed as Jonathan & Darlene Edwards.
Born near Fresno, CA, Stafford sang from an early age and was classically trained, though she later joined her sisters in a country-tinged act (associated for a time with Joe "Country" Washburne). At the age of just 17, she became the first female voice in the seven-man vocal act known as the Pied Pipers. Soon after the group joined the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra in 1939, however, it was pruned to a quartet (which also included Stafford's first husband, co-founder John Huddleston). The group appeared on several of the Dorsey band's hits of the early '40s, a few of which paired them with Frank Sinatra. Stafford gained her first solo spots on a pair of Dorsey band hits, "Yes, Indeed!" and "Manhattan Serenade." She finally left the Pied Pipers for a solo contract in 1944 (she was replaced by June Hutton), though the group provided backup for many of her initial solo hits.

Not only signed to Capitol but able to preview hit songs as the co-host of label founder Johnny Mercer's radio program, Stafford hit the charts with the mid-'40s songs "Long Ago (And Far Away)," "I Love You," and "Candy." The latter, a duet with Mercer and the Pied Pipers, became her first number one. In 1948, her duet with Gordon MacRae on "My Darling, My Darling" became her second. She later moved to Columbia and recorded the two biggest hits of her career, 1952's "You Belong to Me" and 1954's "Make Love to Me." Stafford gained her own television program during the mid-'50s, and also recorded the first LP by Jonathan & Darlene Edwards, American Popular Songs. (It wasn't the first time Stafford had used a pseudonym, however; in 1947, she billed herself as Cinderella G. Stump to record a cover of the cornpone single "Temptation [Tim-Tay-Shun].") Though she slipped from the charts in the late '50s and retired from performance, Stafford continued to record for many years and issued the LP Getting Sentimental Over Tommy Dorsey on Reprise in 1963. She also founded Corinthian Records, with Weston, to reissue the couple's various recordings. ~ John Bush, Rovi


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不仅签署前往国会,但可以预览击中作为共同创始人约翰尼默瑟标签的电台节目主持人的歌曲,斯塔福德打中期40年代的歌曲“很久以前(和遥远)”,“我爱你的图表, “和”糖果。“后者,与Mercer和斑点琵琶二重奏,成了她的第一个数字之一。 1948年,她与Gordon麦克雷二重唱“我的心肝,我亲爱的”成了她的第二位。她后来搬到哥伦比亚,记录了她职业生涯的两个最大的打击,1952年的“你属于我”和1954年的“请对我的爱。”斯塔福德中期期间获得50年代她自己的电视节目,同时也记录了乔纳森爱德华兹和达林,美国流行歌曲的第一个唱片。 (这是不是第一次斯塔福德曾使用化名,但是,在1947年,她被誉为灰姑娘克树桩来记录自己的cornpone单覆盖“的诱惑[添泰顺]。”)虽然她滑倒从50年代末从性能的图表和退休,斯塔福德持续录得多年,并发表了唱片沉醉于重奏感伤在汤米多尔西在1963年。她还创立了韦斯顿科林斯记录,这对夫妻重新发行的各种录音。 〜约翰布什Rovi