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Tonight the haoyue sky, suppression Lin sways, breeze breeze, sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance. Pair of lovers nestled stroll, lawn, fun lover immediately whispers. See, I place dauphine nicer, how I wish in the witness of feeling be thick lovers can have two people, a is you, one is me. People in the world so much, so much, why do I know you? Partial Ah, since I knew you, my life's journey he opened a new chapter, I know so many people, so many, why do I miss you are? Oh, if I miss you, my heart would fall the honey ocean. If I can have the pleasure, I'm willing to lifelong accompany you, all the year round with you. In spring, I accompany you gently walking on blooming flowers between; Summer, I accompany you run in the stream of joy; the pictureque Autumn, I accompany you if Yang in red maple's woods; under In winter, I accompany you sit in a fiery oven side. If one day, I turned into a cup of loess, the loess grown on the grass is green, for you open the chrysanthemum is for you and fragrant. If one day, I turned into a creek spring, this spring in the fish swim pendulum shake and also for you dance, the tinkling ring is also springs for you sing. Please allow me, am I allowed to say "I love you". I love you, with former pain and childhood loyalty, I love you, with my tears and laughter, I love you, in my arms and shoulders, and men all strength. You are like a cold warm spring breeze, bulky up my love sea waves, You like a soft cloud, earthbind won live me affectionate's line of sight; Do you like the stained with dew petals, brought me a room fragrant, you like the blue sky flashed across the whistle pigeons, bring me the heart of static far and pursuit. You're such a beauty, beauty like poems are a lyric poem, you're so pure, pure like a piece of ice jade-like stone translucent crystals. If west reincarnation, see you she would feel small, have no yan to meet a man, Only she died; since drown If wang zhaojun resurrected, in front of you will also overshadowed, ZiTanFuRu, only far away from the frontier, from now on can't again return zhongyuan. When the sky is blue, when everything is good still, when they are still good! There is double white wings of can fly, can do all want to do! Dream always be broken! Time is long! True think black wings is my rely on. I can not in another's eyes I can live with my black wings as fly without a friend when perhaps is lonely but can awake face yourself is the good I understand how slim, mean how sad, you know I've love you deep, with my sincerity to impress your love for me, I think I can do it, if days affection; If it were righteous, so everything is so beautiful, I feel this world is saying to you, I love you, please use your true heart to accept my everything, understand my feeling. Understand my heart. Don't blow in me, hurt me, let me in front of friends do meaningless I believe time can inherit my feeling, let the wind to motivate my soul, let me in reality wake up, to correct facing you, understand you. Love you! Can't say anything more, maybe what I say is white said, but I think again in this world, love lets a person change a lot. As for my love for you, only god knows, to know, I know, as you know, I was growing since with known you since I calm heart lake couldn't calm. Your FangZi, your raider, your smile, I can not forget, I have been attracted to the beauty of your charm! You say, our heart is interlinked. Indeed, each time you see you, it's like seeing myself, what you want to say, what we do, I always feel that many things we beforehand, I was suspected coincide with our previous lives is a man. I deeply beseech thee, Don't put me out of your love door outside, I minute also cannot lack of your love. Only your love to win, my life to have glorious. People in the world so much, so much, why do I know you are? Ah, since I knew you, my life's journey he opened a new chapter, I know so many people, so many, why do I miss you are? Oh, if I miss you, my heart would fall in love the sea of honey on the way and natural and unrestrained, cheesy met me more than I cheesy you. My face like wind you smart but like rain. I with you together and natural and unrestrained but I found my natural and unrestrained falling in love with you. But I would rather natural wind cheesy stopped, make you smart rain - quietly cheesy falling cheesy pour over cheesy me, let me feel more natural and unrestrained's pizazz - no other - please cheesy and I love --


今夜皓月当空,抑林摇曳,晚风轻拂,桂花飘香。一对对情侣依偎漫步,草坪上,一双双恋人喁喁私语。看到此情此景,我不禁感慨万千,我多么希望在那依依情浓的恋人当中能够有两个人,一个是你,一个是我。 世界上的人那么多,那么多,为什么我偏认识了你?啊,自从认识了你,我生命的历程便掀开了新的篇章;我认识的人那么多,那么多,为什么我偏偏思念你?啊,只要我思念着你,我的心便坠入了蜜的海洋。
如果我能拥有这份荣幸,我愿终身陪伴着你,一年四季陪伴着你。 春天,我陪你轻轻漫步在盛开的百花之间;夏天,我陪你奔跑在欢乐的小河之畔;秋天,我陪你倘徉在火红的枫林之下;冬天,我陪你围坐在炽热的火炉旁边。如果有一天,我化作了一杯黄土,这黄土上长出的青草也是为你而绿,开出的黄花也是为你而香;如果有一天,我化作了一溪清泉,这清泉里翩跹游摆的鱼儿也是为你而舞,那叮咚的泉响也是为你而唱。请允许我,允许我说“我爱你”。我爱你,以昔日的剧痛和童年的忠诚;我爱你,以我的眼泪和笑声;
唯有投水自溺而死;假如昭君复生,在你面前也会黯然失色,自叹弗如,只能远避边塞,从此不敢再回中原。当天空还是蓝的,当一切还是好的,当幻想还是美好的!有双白色的翅膀可以飞翔,可以做一切想做的事! 梦总是会碎的!时间久了!真正的觉得黑色的双翼才是我的依托!我可以不在别人的眼里生存了我可以与我的黑翼一样飞了没有了朋友的时候也许是孤独的但能清醒的面对自己才是好的我明白的意思是多么的渺茫,多么的感到悲哀,你知道我曾经爱你很深的,用我的真心来感动你对我的爱,我想我能做到,如果天有情;如果天有义,那么一切的一切是多么的美好,我感到这个世界在对你说,我是爱你,请你用真心来接受我的一切,明白我的感受。理解我的心情。不要在打击我,伤害我,让我在朋友面前做无谓的 我相信时间可以来承受我的感受,让风来激励我的灵魂,让我在现实中醒来,来正确的面对你,理解你。爱你! 不能再说什么了,也许我所说的是白说,可是我觉得再这个世界中,爱会让一个人改变很多很多。至于我对你的爱,只有天知道,地知道,我知道,至于你知不知道,我就不得而知了. 自从与你相识以来,我平静的心湖再也无法平静了。你的芳姿,你的丽影,你的笑靥,使我难以忘怀,我已被你美妙的风姿深深吸引!你说,我们的心是相通的。确实,每次看见你,就像看见我自己,你想说什么,做什么,我总是事先感觉到,许多事我们不谋而合,我简直怀疑我俩前生是一个人。我深深地恳求你;不要把我逐出你的爱门之外,我一分一秒也不能缺少你的爱。只有赢得你的爱,我的生命才有光彩。世界上的人那么多,那么多,为什么我偏偏认识了你 ?啊,自从认识了你,我生命的历程便掀开了新的篇章;我认识的人那么多,那么多,为什么我偏偏思念你 ?啊,只要我思念着你,我的心便坠入了蜜的海洋 在爱的路上潇洒的我,潇洒的遇上了比我更潇洒的你。我的潇洒象风你潇洒的却象雨。我在与你潇洒的相处中 我却发现我潇洒的爱上了你。但我宁愿我潇洒的风 潇洒的停下,让你潇洒的雨——静静潇洒的落下潇洒的淋在潇洒的我身上,让我感受更潇洒的潇洒——没有别的——请你潇洒的与我相恋——


其实我爱你,很爱很爱你,如果说爱一个人就是让他幸福,那我希望他幸福,不过我希望给你幸福的是我,我很喜欢你,很喜欢你,即使说什么都是虚伪的,但这句喜欢你是真的,我很喜欢你,很喜欢,也许这就是缘分,我听见了这样帅气的你,你带这迷人的魅力,让人忍不住靠近.......见到你就有心动的感觉,现在请给我一个答案,让我把幸福给你。蓶噯伱...........LOVE YOU 我爱你



In fact I love you, love you very much, if love a person is to make him happy, then I hope he happiness, but I hope to give you happiness is me, I like you, like you, even say what is false, but this sentence like you is true, I like you, like very much, perhaps this is fate, I have heard so handsome you, bring this attractive glamour, let a person cannot help close to... See you have move of feeling, now give me an answer, let me put happiness for you. Only love you...... LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU

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