Set amidst a changing metropolis, Century Park Hotel shows no signs of losing steam after three decades in the business. Currently, owned and managed by Maranaw Hotels & Resort Corporation (MHRC), the hotel was known as Century Park Sheraton Manila before its franchise agreement with international hotel conglomerate ITT Sheraton Corp. came to a close in 1996.

Using the latter’s computerized system, Century  Park gained access to a global chain of properties for booking and reservation. All Nippon Airways Enterprise Company, Ltd. (ANAE) also lent a hand in its operations until its management agreement ended in 2002.

Today, the structure occupies three hectares of the Harrison Plaza Complex, with five-star facilities that include a Business Center outfitted with communication facilities in the upper lobby, a Fitness Gym with massage treatments and aromatherapy sessions, and temperature-controlled oval and lap pools.

Since its debut it 1976, the hotel has played host to events like the Viennese Opera Ball, and attended to clientele that includes several heads of state: It had first opened its doors to house the delegates of the International Monetary Fund’s World Bank Conference at the PICC.

To kick off the new decade, Century Park Hotel recently unveiled its upgraded 14th to 17th floors. General manager Philippe Bartholomi has described it as “a total transformation of the ‘80s look, emphasizing an understated elegance.”

The renovations entailed revamping 120 deluxe rooms, whose new design, a brainchild of Steven Leach & Associates, takes its cues from woven mat and wood paneling to produce Orient inspired interiors with rich wood grains and subtle black accents on the furniture laminates that stand in marked contrast to its stark white walls and ceilings. The newly refurbished rooms are also stocked with amenities like electronic safe, LCD television screens, and Wi-Fi Internet connection.

The recently concluded face-lift, which began in September last year now makes these rooms available to guests. This marks the first phase of a series of renovations that will lead to a head to toe transformation for the 500-room Century Park Hotel.

Plans to bring a fresh façade to 300 superior rooms are already under way: Mr. Bartholomi hopes to start the second refurbishment phase early next year. “We really want to upgrade all the facilities of the hotel,” he says. “Not just the hardware, but the software as well.” He adds that Century Park Hotel’s massive face-lift includes future staff-training and improvements on its food and beverage menu.

Nestled in the heart of old Manila, the hotel is but a stone’s throw from leisure and commercial hot spots such as the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Rizal Memorial Stadium, the Central Bank, and the Metropolitan Museum of Manila. The seven –kilometer distance from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has also made the hotel an accessible destination for on-the-go vacationers and business travelers.

The hotel’s calendar remains full for the rest of the year: it will start October with its beer and Sausage Festival, a homage to the widely celebrated Oktoberfest, which will welcome diners with free-flowing foreign and local beers paired with Century Park’s bratwurst dishes.

Together with Wine Depot, the hotel will likewise take part in this year’s Restaurant Week which will run from October 4-10. Participating outlets are Top of the Century at the 19th floor, which will have its own featured dish, the Mini Beef Kebabs, and Century Tsukiji which will prepare its multi-course Mini Kaiseki. And with a hearty “Pasko Na!” as this year’s theme, Yuletide cheer will hit the hotel in November, during which its atrium Christmas tree will be set up and lit. An offer throughout the season is its Yuletide Park Packages for 50 to 700 guest corporate parties.

A Catholic Midnight Mass will be held at the Grand Ballroom this Christmas, and guests can look forward to its “Bahay Paskuhan” booth, which will be playing local delicacies like bibingka and puto bumbong. Thos who wish to greet the New Year with a feast can head to Café in the Park for a buffet dinner, before joining the countdown at the Atrium Lounge or at Top of the Century.

Century Park last year bagged the Outstanding Achievement Award in the field of Industrial Peace and Harmony at the Kapatiran Sa Industriya (KAPATID) Awards.


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后者使用的电脑系统,世纪公园获得了获得了订座及全球连锁性质。全日空航空公司实业有限公司(ANAE阳性)也借给在2002年之前,其管理期限的协议在其运营的手。 今天,占地三公顷结构与五星级的设施,包括一个商务中心,通讯设施配备上,在大堂,按摩疗法和芳香疗法与健身体育节的哈里森广场大楼,和温度控制的椭圆形圈池。 它自1976年首次亮相,该酒店已接待了维也纳歌剧院舞会喜欢的活动,并出席了以客户,其中包括几个国家的领导人:它第一次敞开了大门,众议院国际货币的代表基金的世界在人保银会议。 揭开序幕新的十年,世纪公园酒店最近推出了其升级14日至17层。总经理菲利普Bartholomi形容为“80年代看它的整体转型,强调一种质朴的优雅。

牵涉改造120间豪华客房,其新的设计,一史蒂芬利奇&Associates的心血结晶的装修,需要从织席,木镶板生产具有丰富的粮食,木材家具上的微妙黑色内饰灵感来自东方口音的线索层板的立场形成鲜明其鲜明的对比,白色的墙壁和天花板。新近装修的客房还摆放着诸如电子保险箱,液晶电视屏幕的设施,以及Wi - Fi互联网连接。 最近结束的改头换面,开始于去年九月现在使这些客房提供给客人。这标志着一系列的革新,这将导致头为500间客房的世纪公园饭店脚趾转型的第一阶段。 计划将一个新的门面300间高级客房都已经在进行之中:先生Bartholomi希望启动第二阶段翻新明年年初。“我们真的要升级所有的酒店设施,”他说。“不只是硬件,但软件。“他补充说,世纪公园酒店的大规模瘦脸包括未来的员工培训和食品和饮料菜单的改进。

在旧马尼拉心坐落,酒店只是一个投石从休闲,如菲律宾国际会议中心(人保),文化中心,菲律宾(共产党),黎刹纪念体育场,中央银行和商业热点在马尼拉大都会博物馆。从尼诺阿基诺国际机场(NAIA)七公里长的距离,也使酒店,供市民随时随地度假者和商务旅客可访问的目的地。 酒店的日历仍然对今年余下时间满:将开始与啤酒和香肠节,啤酒节的广泛庆祝致敬,这将欢迎自由流动的外国和本地食客十月配对啤酒与世纪公园的享用bratwurst菜肴。

加上葡萄酒厂,酒店将同样参加今年的餐馆周时间从10月4日至十号的一部分。参与商户是在本世纪前19层,这将有自己的特色菜,迷你牛肉串,与世纪筑地将准备的多道菜的迷你怀石料理。并配有丰盛的“巴斯科呐!“作为今年的主题,尤尔德欢呼在十一月将达到酒店,在此期间,它的中庭圣诞树将设立并点燃。在整个赛季的报价为50至700客户企业的各方尤尔德公园软件包。 天主教子夜弥撒将在今年圣诞节的大宴会厅,客人可以期待的“Bahay Paskuhan”摊位,将扮演类似bibingka和普陀bumbong地方风味小吃。谁希望的公益飨宴迎接新年的头可以在公园咖啡厅自助晚餐,在参加在中庭酒廊或在本世纪前的倒计时。 世纪公园去年袋装在和平与和谐的工业领域的杰出成就在Kapatiran萨Industriya(KAPATID)奖奖。

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酒店坐落在一個不斷變化的國際大都會,世紀公園飯店沒有任何跡象顯示失去蒸汽經過三十年的業務。目前,擁有和管理的酒店和度假村Maranaw公司(澳門賽馬),酒店被稱為馬尼拉世紀公園喜來登其專營權協議,在國際酒店集團 ITT公司喜來登公司來結束於 1996年。




為了開始新的十年,世紀公園酒店最近推出了其升級 14日至17層。總經理菲利普Bartholomi形容它是“一個整體轉型 80年代看,強調一種質樸的優雅。”

牽涉的裝修改造120間豪華客房,其新的設計,智慧結晶的史蒂芬利奇&Associates公司,它給線索,從織席,木鑲板東方靈感產生木紋內飾,具有豐富而微妙的黑人口音家具上的立場形成鮮明層板其鮮明的對比,白色的牆壁和天花板。新近裝修的客房還備有設施,如電子保險箱,液晶電視屏幕,以及Wi - Fi互聯網連接。


計劃將一個新的門面 300間高級客房已在進行之中:先生Bartholomi希望啟動第二階段翻新明年年初。 “我們真的要升級所有設施的酒店,”他說。 “不只是硬件,但軟件。”他補充說,世紀公園酒店的大規模瘦臉包括未來的員工培訓和改進對食品和飲料菜單。




天主教子夜彌撒將在今年聖誕節的大宴會廳,客人可以期待的“Bahay Paskuhan”攤位,這將是當地美食如bibingka玩和普陀bumbong。誰希望的公益,迎接新年的頭一個節日可以在咖啡廳自助晚餐公園,在倒數前加入中庭酒廊或頂世紀。

去年世紀公園袋裝傑出成就獎,在工業領域的和平與和諧在Kapatiran薩 Industriya(KAPATID)獎。