Josh Steinbeck(1902-1968)was born in California.After university,he had several different jobs.He worked on farms looking after cattle or picking fruit.Many of Stinbeck`s novels and stories were about the hard lives of farming families in California,like Pastures of Heaven(1932)and Of mice and men(1937).His most famous book,The Grapes of Wrath(1939),was about a poor,migrant family in the terrible period of economic depression of the 1930s.Other famous works include Tortilla Flat(1935),Cannery Row(1945) and East of Eden(1952).Many of Steinbeck`s novels were later made into Hollywood films.Steinbeck was given the Nobel Prize for literature in 1962.
The Pearl is an old Mexican folk story which Steinbeck tells with his characteristic understanding and love of humanity.

Before you start
1-Read about John Steinbeck and answer these questions.
1 What kind of people did Steinbeck write about?
2 What experience did he have of their lives?
3 In what period did Steinbeck write a lot of his most famous novels?

2-The three animals below are important in the story.Match them with the definitions.
1 a kind of dog
2 a small sea animal that lives in a shell and produces pearls
3 a creature like a large insect that has a poisonous sting

Reading and listening
3-Read and listen to the story.Order the sentences below.
  Example 1 h
a)The hunters thought there was a coyote.One of the hunters shot and killed the baby.
b)The following day,Kino tried to sell the pearl in the main square of the town.
c)Somebody burnt down their house and they had to hide.
d)They left the town and started to walk to the capital.
e)That day,when he was diving,Kino found an enormous pearl.
f)Someone tried to get into their house in the middle of the night.
g)Some men attacked Kino and he killed one of them with a knife.
h)One day Kino`s baby was stung by a scorpion,so he took the baby to the doctor.
i)In the end,Kino threw the pearl back into the sea.
j)Some hunters followed Kino and Juana into the mountains.

4-Read the story again and answer these questions:
1 Why did the doctor refuse to treat their baby?
2 Why did he visit them later that day?
3 Why did people try to get into Kino and Juana`s house?
4 Why was Kino unhappy whith the price the dealers offered him?
5 Why did he decide to go to the capital?
6 Why did the hunters follow them?
7 Why did Kino and Juana throw the pearl back into the sea?

5-Read the story again.Which of these do you think is the best moral to the story?
a)money only brings unhappiness
b)poor people can never win
c)society is very unfair
d)we should not exploit the sea


One day his baby was stung by a scorpion,so he took the baby to the doctor.But Kino didn`t have any money.He only had some very poor quality pearls.The doctor didn`t want to treat the baby,so the doctor`s servant lied to Kino:"The doctor has gone out."
That day,Kino went diving for pearls.When he was diving he saw a very large oyster.He swam down and down and picked up the oyster.Then he came to the surface.He took his knife and opened the shell of the oyster.Inside,there was an enormous and beautiful pearl-the greatest pearl in the world!
Kino and his wife Juana were very happy.Now they would have enough money to educate their son and maybe buy new clothes and even a rifle.The news of the pearl spread through the town very quickly.That evening,lots of neighbours came to their house and they talked about what Kino and Juana could do with the money.
The doctor and his servent also came to the house,because they also heard about the pearl.The doctor made Kino and Juana afraid about the scorpion sting.He gave the baby medicine,which he said would save him.The doctor looked around the house,because he knew that the pearl would be hidden somewhere there.
In the middle of the night,while Kino and his family were sleeping,Kino suddenly heard a noise.Someone was trying to get the pearl!In the darkness,Kino jumped up with his knife but someone hit him on the head and ran away.The next morning he took the pearl to the pearl dealers in the main square of the town.There were many dealers but they all worked for one man and they always gave the divers the lowest possible price for their pearls.Kino went to different dealers but they all said that the pearl was too big and ugly and that it wasn`t worth more than 1500 pesos.
Kino was very angry.He decided to go to the capital city because he knew that the pearl was very valuable.But that night someone attacked him outside his house.Juana said that the pearl was evil and that it was going to destroy them.She tried to throw the pearl into the sea,but Kino stopped her.Soon afterwards,he was attacked in the darkness by a group of men.He defended himself with his knife and killed one of the men.
Kino and Juana knew that they had to get away from the town but someone had made a hole in the bottom of their canoe,so they couldn`t go by sea.When they went back to their house they found it in flames.That day ,they hid in Kino`s brother`s house.When night came,Juana and Kino started to walk towards the mountains.They carried the baby with them.Kino was still determined to sell the pearl and kept making plans about the future.During the day,they found a place to hide.They were resting when they saw that three hunters were following them.They hid and stayed very quiet until the hunters had gone past.Then they ran to the mountains.
High in the mountains,they found a stream and a waterfall.They drank water and decided to hide in one of the caves under the waterfall.That evening,the hunters arrived and camped next to the waterfall.Juana had difficulty keeping the baby quiet,so Kino decided to go down and try to kill the men.He was just about to attack them,when the hunters heard the baby.They thought that was a coyote.
A man fired his rifle just as Kino attacked.Kino then took the man`s rifle and killed the other men.But suddenly everything went very quiet and Kino knew that something was wrong.He went back to the cave.The baby was dead!He had been hit by the first rifle shot.Kino and Juana walked back to the town carrying the body of their dead baby.They walked slowly.The people came out to meet them but Kino and Juana ignored everyboby.They walked towards the sea.Kino took out the pearl.It was grey and ugly,and in the pearl he could see evil faces.He offered the pearl to Juana but she said softly:"No,you."
Kino took the pearl and threw it into the water.It dropped to the bottom and settle near some plants.A crab climbed over it was covered with sands.The pearl had disappeared.


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 乔希斯坦(1902-1968)出生于加州大学毕业后,他有几个不同的工作他曾在农场摘水果或者照看牲畜…许多Stinbeck的小说和故事是关于生活的艰苦的农业家庭在加利福尼亚,如牧场的天堂》(1932)、老鼠和男性(1937)。他最著名的书《愤怒的葡萄》(1939),是关于一个穷,移民家庭的经济大萧条时期的可怕的20世纪30年代其他著名作品包括《玉米粉圆饼》(1935)、平面(1966年)和罐头伊甸之东》(1952)举办的斯坦贝克的小说被拍成电影是. 斯坦得到诺贝尔文学奖。   珍珠是一种古老的民间故事讲述墨西哥人与他的特点,斯坦贝克人性的理解和爱。

你开始之前   1-Read关于约翰·斯坦贝克和回答这些问题。   什么样的人写斯坦吗?   他有什么经验,他们的生活吗?   3在哪个时期是斯坦写了很多,他最著名的小说?      以下三种动物的产物中非常重要的故事…比赛的定义。   蝎子,草原狼牡蛎,   一种狗   一个小型海洋动物生活在一个外壳和生产的珍珠   3生物象一个巨大的昆虫,有一种有毒的刺      阅读和听力   3-Read和听这个故事…订购下列句子。   例1小时

    一)。猎人们认为有一个草原一个猎人开枪杀死的婴儿。   b)。第二天,奇诺试图出售珍珠在小镇广场上。   c)。他们的房子烧毁了别人,他们不得不躲藏起来。   d)。他们离开了这座城镇,并开始步行到首都。   e)。那一天,当他被潜水,奇诺找到一块巨大的珍珠。   f)。有人试图进入他们的房子在深夜。   克)。有些人袭击了奇诺和他杀了他们其中之一。   h)。奇诺的孩子有一天被蝎子螫了一下,所以他带孩子去看医生。   我)。最后,奇诺的珍珠扔到海里。   j)。一些猎人跟踪奇诺和胡安娜进驻群山。      这个故事4-Read又回答这些问题。   1为什么医生拒绝对他们的孩子吗?   2为什么他拜访他们当天晚些时候吗?   3为什么人们试图进入奇诺和胡安娜的房子吗?   4为什么奇诺不幸的办公楼的价格卖给他经销商?   5他为什么决定去首都吗?   6为什么猎人顺着他们吗?   7为什么奇诺和胡安娜丢珍珠回大海?      5-Read一遍这个故事…你认为哪个是最好的道德的故事吗?   一)的钱只带来不幸   可怜的人)不会胜利   c)社会是很不公平   d),我们不应利用海洋

  奇诺是一个可怜的珍珠。   一天,他在婴儿是蝎子螫了一下,所以他带孩子去看医生但是奇诺已经没有钱他只会有一些非常劣质珍珠医生不想把婴儿,所以医生的仆人撒了谎,奇诺说:“医生已一去不复返了。”   那天基诺出去采珍珠当他被潜水迷了路,他看见一个非常大的牡蛎他游下来下来,拿起牡蛎然后,他来到了表面他把他的刀,打开外壳的牡蛎里面,有一座高大而美丽的世界上最大的珍珠pearl-the !   奇诺和他的妻子胡安娜很开心现在他们将有足够的钱来教育他们的儿子,也许买新衣服,甚至一枪珍珠的消息很快就传遍了小镇那天晚上,许多邻居来到他们家和他们谈什么能做奇诺和胡安娜用这笔钱。   医生和他的servent也来到了房子,因为他们也听到了珍珠医生使奇诺和蝎子螫胡安娜担心…他给这个婴儿,他说能救他医生向四周看了看,这座房子,因为他知道珍珠就藏在某处。

 在午夜,奇诺和他的家人正在睡觉,奇诺突然听到噪音有人试图把珍珠在黑暗中,奇诺跳起来用刀,但有人打在他的头上,跑去…第二天早上,他把珍珠珍珠经销商在这个小镇广场上有许多经销商,但他们都为一个男人,他们总是把跳水最低的价格为他们的珍珠奇诺去不同的经销商,但他们都说珍珠太大而丑陋的,它没有价值超过1500个比索。   奇诺很生气,. 他决定去首都,因为他知道珍珠是非常宝贵的. 但那天晚上有人攻击他的家门外的. 胡安娜说珍珠是邪恶的,就会破坏他们她试图把珍珠扔进海里,但奇诺拦住她不久以后,他被攻击在黑暗里,由一群男人他为自己和他的刀,杀了一个人。   奇诺和胡安娜知道他们不得不离开这个城市,但有人在船底凿了一个洞,所以他们就不能走海运当他们回到他们的房子,他们发现它。那一天,他们隐藏在奇诺的兄弟家去了夜幕降临时,胡安娜和奇诺开始走向群山他们把孩子抱以他们奇诺还是决定出售珍珠和对未来的计划…白天,他们发现了一个地方藏. 他们在休息时,他们看到了那三个猎人跟随他们他们藏住非常安静直到猎人们已经过去然后他们跑到山里。

 在高山上,他们发现一条溪流和瀑布他们喝了水和决定藏在一个洞穴在瀑布那天晚上,猎人们到达瀑布旁安营,…胡安娜难以保持安静,所以奇诺的宝宝决定下去,试图杀死的人他正要攻击他们时,猎人听到婴儿的. 他们认为这是一种土狼。   一个人解雇了他步枪就像奇诺袭击了奇诺然后把男人的步枪和杀害其他男人但是突然一切都很安静,奇诺知道不对他回到山洞里孩子死了!”他曾遭受第一枪奇诺和胡安娜走回小镇携带他们死婴他们慢慢地走这个人出来迎接他们,但每个人都忽略了奇诺和胡安娜急匆匆…他们走到大海的. 奇诺拿出珍珠它是灰色和丑陋,位于珠江三角洲,他能看到邪恶的面孔他提出了珍珠胡安娜但她温柔地说道:“不,是你。”   奇诺把珍珠,把它扔到水的. 它的底部附近,解决一些植物一只螃蟹爬过它布满了沙珍珠也消失了。