Beyond the wall of sleep 什么意思?

不要用谷歌、或者其他的在线词典上翻译的蹩脚的 中文意思 糊弄我好吗?


谢谢帮助 。

Sopor Aeternus 的一首歌!


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2010-07-22 回答
2010-07-22 回答
the wall 不是墙么? 汗~~~


歌曲:sopor aeternus 歌手:backbone practise 专辑:le chambre d'echo ·sopor aeternus歌曲试听,mp3下载 [ti:sopor aeternus] [ar:backbone practise] [al:le chambre d'echo] backbone practice 脊椎试验 we are entering the operation theatre of the ramiliar morgue 我们进入太平间的手术室 the student nurses are making a lot of noise 实习护士制造着无数的噪音 their voices echo from the bare tiles walls... 他们的回声从瓦房的光墙中穿出… i improvise a fainting fit:"i cannot bare these voices anymore...!" 我随时准备痉挛着昏厥:"我再也无法忍受这些声音了…1 the tiny spineless spider, who really is a dog 这些没有脊骨的蜘蛛,其实是一只犬 has hurt herself - or did she get hurt ?- somthing 'bout her back... 它伤害了自己-或者它并未受伤?-它的脊椎… oh, does she need a new one? torso-less she only does consist of legs... 噢,它需要新的脊椎么? 残缺不全的它仅剩着腿… much like a crushed little cross, a tiny crucifix 如同一只压碎的十字架,一只细小的十字架 so cautiously she's stalking now across the palm of my right hand 小心翼翼它爬行过我右手的手掌 merly a thin branch in the wind 风中细小的残枝一样 touching the wound... where i had cut my finger 触摸到伤痕…的手指被我割去 i hand her over to the nurses, one of them - directed me by the teacher 我从护士的手中接过它,那位引导我到老师跟前的护士 carries out the operation, for which i dont have the knowledge 实施手术,我并不拥有的知识 one day everyone here must fulfill this very task alone 某一天在这里的每个人都必须能够单独试验 as it's the only way to learn and in the end become a master 如同这是唯一学习的路径最后成为熟练的工者 yes, this means responsibility 是的,这意味着职责 and it's connected directly to stress and fear 直接与压力和恐惧联系着 the little spider has her operation on a table 细小的蜘蛛在它的手术桌上开始了手术 that is decorated like a forest, all with thicket and fir trees 桌子装饰成森林,有厚厚的杉树 and right beside the flashing lights and displays of the instruments 闪烁的灯旁边陈列着所有设备 so hear now of the very scene thet happend right before this (here) 于是听见这之前使人恐惧的声音(这里) an elephant on the plane roof of a tall cathedral very close to the edge 大象悬挂于平整的大教堂屋顶…紧紧挨着边缘 "climb down his tail, as if it were a rope! "从它的尾巴爬下来,把它当做绳子! have faith and confidence, belive that he will hold you!" 勇气和自信,相信它可以拉住你1 but the elephant is not anchored in the ground 但是大象并未安全抵达地面 yes, he might have the will to remain in position 是的,它希望保持在原地不动 perhaps doing everything within his power to hold me 也许它愿意全力地够到我 not to slip and fall himself... 却不是滑倒让自己掉落 but in my opinion this is hardly enouth 我的位置不够 can this be a question of trust, at all? 这究竟能不能当作信任呢? looking out of the window, while the underground moves down 从窗户看出去,地面开始下坠进地道 into the tunnel - a man, who has alrady passes the elephant-test, says: …-一个男子,通过大象试验的男子说: "fear must be

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