How can I become a mature man?

I want to be what I want to be。

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First, a mature man, nor do not represent surface of male chauvinism. A mature man in the responsibility of the family, parents, children love to his wife's love, and the attitude toward work and making way.

A mature man in time of trouble, will stand on their behaviour has confessed to do things can charge. A mature man, whether to include tolerance to friends or lover. The man is needed and mature through certain hone, only experienced some failure and setbacks can defeat in thinking, when to stand up when he can become mature. So mature is not bound by age!首先,一个成熟的男人不是做表面,也不是代表大男人主义。一个成熟的男人表现在对家庭的责任,对父母的敬爱,对妻子孩子的疼爱,还有对待工作的态度和与交友方式。