32 / O Matthias Schoormann Leer Germany / North, an unemployed mechanic industry had a long-term friendship with 27 y / o Bianca B. who was a nurse at the local hospital.
- Schoormann was a long hair type Beardy loser who liked black metal as Burzum, has also played in a band called Carpe Noctem blackmetal. It was total and a computer freak who owned several weapons machetes, swords and guns gas.
- He fell in love with her but she does not return his feelings.
- On February 20, 2008 he was in a final phase of total insanity and decided to end it all. On his website, he announced to kill all the people who fight for the society he hates.
- Under the pretext that he has invited to his apartment Bianca disorder. He probably tried one last time to win her affection. But she did not and he went postal. He was killed by strangulation. Then he chopped the head of his dead body. After that, he has several photos of the body in different positions to be seen on the pictures. Taking the police investigation there was no sex while the body was naked.
- At about 1:00 he signed up LoD forum where it was recorded for a while, but never a front display. He opened a thread named "fucking dead" and published more than 20 images. Another member of responses were received from "false" to "creepy real!".
- The owner of this forum wrote him an email asking: "Who are you", after that, Schoormann who called himself "I H8 U" delete all peaks. It is likely that several forum members had saved the images at this point.
- After that, he wanted to go on a killing spree. He set his apartment on fire and left the house in his Ford Escort Red, the head of Bianca was in a backpack. He was seen by a neighbor caring, who called the police and firefighters pursuited him immediately. When it was recognized that there was no way out, he decided to go straight into an oncoming truck and was killed instantly.
- The emergency physician who was called to the apartment with the corpse has been known now because of the car accident. At the scene of the accident they found her head in the backpack, recognizing her as a colleague at the hospital. It is a further shocking in this case.
- 8 days later, the forum owner Lod was contacted by the German police. After some cooperation, it seems that the images have been completely removed from the Internet, then they also disappeared. About a year and a half later, in June 2009, they were released. We do not know who published it.
- It was not cruel murder hyped press. There have been several new articles, but especially in the field of regional crime. It is not clear whether the existence of these images is known by the press. Someone claims forum that some of the images have been used by police to help parents identify his daughter.
- Bianca B. was buried in a very moving funeral celebration which makes clear that it was a very beautiful and well-liked person.


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32 /输出马蒂亚斯Schoormann利尔德国/北,失业机械工业已与27 Ÿ长期友好/ O的比安卡B.谁曾在当地医院的护士。 
- Schoormann是一个长头发的类型贝尔迪输家谁喜欢作为Burzum的黑色金属,也发挥了在一个乐队叫做卡尔佩Noctem blackmetal。这是完全和计算机怪胎谁拥有砍刀几件武器,剑和枪的气体。 
- 他爱上了她,但她没有返回他的感受。 
- 本月20日,2008年,他是在一种完全疯狂的最后阶段,并决定结束这一切。在他的网页上,他宣布要杀死所有的人谁对社会的斗争,他恨。 
- 根据,他已邀请到他的公寓比安卡障碍的借口。他可能试图最后一次赢得她的感情。但她并没有和他去邮政。他被杀害窒息。然后,他砍掉了他的尸体头部。此后,他在不同位置的身体几帧照片,在照片上看出。以警方的调查,没有性别,而赤裸的身体。 
- 约1:00他签署了它的LoD论坛,记录了一段时间,但从来没有一个前端显示。他打开一个线程名为“他妈的死”,发表了20多个图像。另一位委员的答复收到“假”到“令人毛骨悚然的真实!”。 
- 这个论坛业主说他一封电子邮件,要求:“谁是在这之后,Schoormann谁自称”我H8座ü“删除所有山峰你”。很可能是一些论坛成员已保存在这一点上的图像。 
- 之后,他想去上大肆杀戮。他放火烧他的公寓,并留在他的福特Escort红色,头部的比安卡的房子是在一个背包。他被一位邻居照顾,谁打电话给警察和消防队员立即他所追求的。当人们认识到,没有任何出路,他决定直接进入一迎面而来的卡车,并当场死亡。 
- 紧急医师谁的尸体被用在公寓已经知道,因为现在的汽车事故。在事故现场发现她的背包头,承认在该医院的同事她。这是一个令人震惊的进一步在这种情况下。 
- 8天之后,该论坛业主卢德了接触,德国警方。经过一些合作,但它似乎已被完全清除图像从互联网上,那么他们也消失了。大约一年半之后,2009年6月,他们被释放。我们不知道是谁公布。 
- 这不是残忍的谋杀炒作新闻。已经有一些新的条款,特别是在区域犯罪领域。目前尚不清楚是否存在这些图像是由新闻界所周知。有人声称,该论坛的一些图片已经被警察用来帮助家长识别他的女儿。 
- 比安卡二是埋在一个非常感人的葬礼庆祝这清楚地表明这是一个非常美丽,很招人喜欢的人。