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Biography: Helen Adams Helen Keller (Adams Keller, on June 27, 1880-1968 June 1), the disabled educators. Her childhood diseases caused by accidents blindness, and hearing loss. Later on her tutor Anne Sullivan (Anne Sullivan), she learned to speak, and began to communicate with others and accept education. She graduated from Harvard University. In 1880, June 27 was born in a small town north of Alabama, Ethiopia's - tower cascade. She was in nineteen months away by scarlet eyesight and hearing. In the dark and lonely world, she didn't give up, but the self-improvement, and Anne Sullivan (to Annie Sullivan), with great tenacity overcome physical defects caused by mental pain. She loves life and get a lot of knowledge and learn to read and speak, and began to communicate with others. Graduate with excellent results in American Radcliffe college, become a knowledgeable, mastering English, French, German, Greek, and Latin words of five kinds of famous writers and educators. Her around the United States and the world, to raise funds for the blind, the school has dedicated his life to education, welfare and blind. She won the praise of the people of the world, and many of the national government. Helen considered eyesight and hearing loss of tragedy often occur in those unable to give children because of poverty and timely treatment of family. In order to eliminate social inequalities caused by sin, Helen joined the national Party (Socialist Party of international Industrial Workers on) IWW association of Industrial Workers (World), become a radical Socialist. "I have had a how to become a socialist" and "I why want to join IWW two article explains his motives. But the western history textbooks often compliment Helen Keller early struggle against disease, while 12 as a social activists are deliberately ignore the facts. The teacher told me in the American history textbook that lies - the mistakes mentioned this book. Helen Keller lifetime altogether 14 wrote. "My life" is her debut. One. Immediately caused a sensation in the United States, called the "world history", the masterpiece of unparalleled published more than 100, version in the world. This book by Helen Keller, "my life", "out of darkness", "teacher" three books and published in the American journal of the Atlantic ocean in the famous prose "if give me three days light, complete compiled systematically introduced Helen Keller, vivid, and real life, many of the great text or first meet with Chinese readers. "Helen Keller of grade 5 o 'clock for Sue book1&book 2 class 8, also try this grade six vol.6 lesson nine. "My teacher" opt-in bnu edition textbooks, the beginning of another life grade eight o 'clock selected book1&book 2 lesson five. In the 20th century, a unique individual life to the brave way, she shook the world - Helen Keller, a living in darkness but also brings light, women were spent life 88 years old, but stayed silent, 1998, the isolated years were weak. However, it is MangLongYa claustrophobic in such a world, unexpectedly graduated from Harvard University Radcliffe college, And all of life force running around, built followed from charity, for the disabled, American time magazine voted in the 20th century American idol. Ten hero, Create a miracle, rely on a single indomitable heart. Helen accept the challenge of life, love to embrace the world, with a phenomenal perseverance facing difficulties in darkness, and finally found the bright side of life, and the hands of mercy to the world. Helen Keller (Helen Keller) (1880 - June 27 June 1, 1968, is the 20th century), the famous writers and speakers LongNv blind with strong will, she admitted to Harvard University's Radcliffe, become the world's first finish university education of the deaf and blind, in American magazine, a list of "human", one of the top ten idol was awarded the "President" free medal. "If you give me three days light is Helen Keller prose in a masterpiece, she ShenCanZhiJian tender women's point of view, told the people should cherish life, cherish the creator of all things. In addition, the book of my life story." Sally, teachers are in the same wavelength with Helen Keller, they know not get along with each other, but in a few days from Sally, Helen Keller teacher learned to read. One day, a teacher in the palm to write "Helen Keller water", "water" this word, Helen Keller somehow, always can't write it down. The teacher knew Helen Keller difficulties in where, she took Helen Keller walk to the edge, Helen Keller fountain in under the blowhole hands, let cool water splashed in the hands of Helen Keller overflow. Then, Sally, teacher again in the palm, write 'Helen Keller water ", "water" this word, Helen Keller will remember, never confuse. Helen memories later said: "somehow, language secret was suddenly opened and I finally know that water is flowing my palms of a kind of material. This drink words aroused my soul, with light, give me hope and joy. However, Sally, just know that, the teacher read and speechless, still not convenient communication. However, from the deaf and blind Helen Keller, hear someone voice, 2 see others speak mouth, so, though she is unable to speak of, but also can't speak dumb. In order to overcome this difficulty, Sally, find a teacher for Helen Keller, teach her hands expert to use when others speak mouth, and the change of the nasal breathes, to learn pronunciation. Of course, this is a very difficult task, however, Helen Keller is done. Helen Keller, except for the blind writer breakthrough dysfunction, learn to speak more dedicated his life for people with disabilities, speech and encourage them to do a certain themselves, and not waste residue. Helen Keller this love, not only to people with disabilities more confident, arouses people from look handicapped, have set up service, their healthy and happy life. Helen Keller prose masterpiece, if give me three days with a light, "she ShenCanZhiJian tender women's point of view, told the people should cherish life, cherish the creator of all things. In addition, the book in my life story of Helen Keller is the autobiographic works, known as the "world history masterpiece" the incomparable. In 1968, Helen, she passed away at 87 to service all the life of people with disabilities, throughout the world. She has written many books, her story is made into a film. Sally wen teacher put the most precious love to her, she also love to spread to all the people, and bring their misfortune. After death, because she was a strong will and an outstanding contribution moved the world. And all the people around her activities. Helen Keller, was due to illness, but she MangLongYa become self-improvement, overcome tremendous difficulty finishing college. Write a dozen of life, to aid for disabled children, protection of women's rights and interests and social activities for racial equality. In 1964 President freedom.the medal. Her story was made into a film twice.


中文意思是生平简介:海伦·亚当斯·凯勒(Helen Adams Keller,1880年6月27日-1968年6月1日),美国残障教育家。她幼年因意外疾病而引致失明及失聪。后来凭借着她的导师安妮·莎莉文(Anne Sullivan)的努力,她学会了说话,并开始和其他人沟通并接受教育。她毕业于哈佛大学。1880年6月27日出生于亚拉巴马州北部一个小城镇--塔斯喀姆比亚。她在19个月的时候被猩红热夺去了视力和听力。在这黑暗而又寂寞的世界里,她并没有放弃,而是自强不息,并在安妮·莎莉文(Annie Sullivan)的努力下,用顽强的毅力克服生理缺陷所造成的精神痛苦。她热爱生活并从中得到许多知识,学会了读书和说话,并开始和其他人沟通。以优异的成绩毕业于美国拉德克利夫学院,成为一个学识渊博,掌握英、法、德、拉丁、希腊五种文字的著名作家和教育家。她走遍美国和世界各地,为盲人学校募集资金,把自己的一生献给了盲人福利和教育事业。她获得了世界各国人民的赞扬,并得到许多国家政府的嘉奖。   海伦认为视力和听力丧失的悲剧往往发生在那些因贫困而无法给予孩子及时治疗的家庭。为了消除社会不平等引发的罪恶现象,海伦加入了美国国家社会党(Socialist Party of America)和国际产业工人协会IWW(Industrial Workers of the World),成为一名激进的社会主义者。曾着有《我是怎样成为一名社会主义者的》和《我为什么要加入 IWW》两篇文章解释自己的行为动机。但西方历史教科书往往褒扬海伦·凯勒早年与疾病抗争的故事,而其成年后作为一名社会主义者的事实被故意忽略了。在《老师告诉我的那些谎言-美国历史教科书犯下的错误》一书中曾提到这一点。   海伦·凯勒一生一共写了14部巨作。《我的生活》是她的处女作。作品一发表;立即在美国引起了轰动,被称为“世界文学史上无与伦比的杰作”,出版的版本超过百余种,在世界上产生了巨大的影响。本书由海伦·凯勒的《我的生活》《走出黑暗》《老师》三本书以及发表在美国《大西洋月刊》上的著名散文《假如给我三天光明》编译而成,完整系统地介绍了海伦·凯勒丰富、生动 、真实而伟大的一生,许多文字还是第一次与中国读者见面。《海伦·凯勒》为苏教版五年级下册第8课,也是试用本六年级下册第九课。《我的老师》选入北师大版初一教材,《再塑生命》选入人教版八年级下册第五课。   20世纪,一个独特的生命个体以其勇敢的方式震撼了世界,她--海伦·凯勒,一个生活在黑暗中却又给人类带来光明的女性,一共度过了生命的88个春秋,却熬过了87年无光、无声、无语的孤绝岁月的弱女子。   然而,正是这么一个幽闭在盲聋哑世界里的人,竟然毕业于哈佛大学德克利夫学院;并用生命的全部力量四处奔走,建起了一家家慈善机构,为残疾人造福,被美国《时代周刊》评选为20世纪美国十大英雄偶像。   创造这一奇迹,全靠一颗不屈不挠的心。海伦接受了生命的挑战,用爱心去拥抱世界,以惊人的毅力面对困境,终于在黑暗中找到了人生的光明面,最后又把慈爱的双手伸向全世界。海伦·凯勒(Helen Keller)(1880年6月27日-1968年6月1日),是美国20世纪著名的盲聋女作家和演讲者,她凭借坚强的意志考入哈佛大学的拉德克里夫学院,成为世界上第一个完成大学教育的盲聋人,曾入选美国《时代周刊》评选的“人类十大偶像”之一,被授予“总统自由奖章”。   《假如给我三天光明》是海伦·凯勒的散文代表作,她以一个身残志坚的柔弱女子的视角,告诫身体健全的人们应珍惜生命,珍惜造物主赐予的一切。此外,本书中收录的《我的人生故事》   莎利文老师跟海伦凯勒很投缘,她们认识没有几天就相处融洽,而且海伦凯勒还从莎利文老师那里学会了认字。   一天,老师在海伦凯勒的手心写了'water'“水”这个字,海伦凯勒不知怎么搞的,总是没法子记下来。老师知道海伦凯勒的困难处在哪儿,她带着海伦凯勒走到喷水池边,要海伦凯勒把小手放在喷水孔下,让清凉的泉水溅溢在海伦凯勒的手上。接着,莎利文老师又在海伦凯勒的手心,写下'water'“水”这个字,从此海伦凯勒就牢牢记住了,再也不会搞不清楚。海伦后来回忆说:“不知怎的,语言的秘密突然被揭开了,我终于知道水就是流过我手心的一种物质。这个喝的字唤醒了我的灵魂,给我以光明、希望、快乐。   不过,莎利文老师认为,光是懂得认字而说不出话来,仍然不方便沟通。可是,从小又聋又瞎的海伦凯勒,一来听不见别人说话的声音,二来看不见别人说话的嘴型,所以,尽管她不是不能说话的哑巴,却也没法子说话。   为了克服这个困难,莎利文老师替海伦凯勒找了一位专家,教导她利用双手去感受别人说话时嘴型的变化,以及鼻腔吸气、吐气的不同,来学习发音。当然,这是一件非常不容易的事,不过,海伦凯勒还是做到了。 盲人作家海伦凯勒,除了突破功能障碍学会说话,更奉献自己的一生,四处为残障人士演讲,鼓励他们肯定自己,立志做一个残而不废的人。海伦凯勒这份爱心,不但给予残障人士十足的信心,更激起各国 人士正视残障福利,纷纷设立服务机构,辅助他们健康快乐的过生活。   海伦·凯勒的散文代表作《假如给我三天光明》,她以一个身残志坚的柔弱女子的视角,告诫身体健全的人们应珍惜生命,珍惜造物主赐予的一切。此外,本书中收录的《我的人生故事》是海伦·凯勒的本自传性作品,被誉为“世界文学史上无与伦比的杰作”。   1968年,海伦87岁去世,她把所有终生致力服务残障人士的事迹,传遍全世界。她写了很多书,她的故事还拍成了电影。莎利文老师把最珍贵的爱给了她,她又把爱散播给所有不幸的人,带给他们希望。死后,因为她坚强的意志和卓越的贡献感动了全世界.并且各地人民都开展了纪念她的活动。   海伦.凯勒,自幼因病成为盲聋哑人,但她自强不息,克服巨大的困难读完大学。一生写了十几部作品,同时致力于救助伤残儿童、保护妇女权益和争取种族平等的社会活动。1964年获总统自由勋章。她的事迹曾两次被拍成电影。

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In 1880,Helen Keller was born in America .After 19 months she couldn't speak with the hearing loss due to 
Her teacher Anna ,in her age 7, came to heler , and ope her early education.
With the help of the acher, she finished college and learn typing, proficient the nd German. She dedicated her life to the blind, deaf, dumb to the internationalization of disabled people. She's autobiogra hspired people all.或Helen keller was a blind,daefand dumb persen.so in her book《the story of my life》,she wrote that she had not been able to see,when she was six years dol,she knew miss sullivan,her good teacher.helen was getting happier every day.then,miss sullivan helped her learn how to wrute english words.at first,miss sullivan wrote some words on helen's hads with her own fingers again and again.helen was a very diligent girl.becauseof this,she tried as much as possible to remember words.after that,she wrote and published many famous works. the story of my life is one fo them
     it shows us a trhth,"nothing is diffcult if you pet your heart into it!"

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Helen  Keller
  Helen Keller lived in the U.S.A. She was a great woman.
  When Helen was a baby,she got very sick. Afthe many weeks,the doctor said:"she is better,but now she can't see and she can't hear." Her mother and father were very sad .
  Afthe a few years,things got worse. There was no way for Helen to speak to other people. She heard nothing. She saw nothing. She didn't undertand anyting.
  Then one day a teacher come to live with Helen and her family. The teacher helped Helen learn about words. Helen was a bright child and soon she learned to spell her first word. When she was older,she went to college.
  Helen was very famous. She helped many blind and deaf people. She traveled around the world and helped many people.
  Helen was a very old woman when she died. The world remembers her today as a brave and wonderful person. She was blind and deaf,but she found a way to see and hear.