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2010-05-26 回答
Mother's day, first should not happenThis year's mother's day my mother and I had a quarrel, but this I ever, the most intense, make me most regret a quarrel.
The fight for the simple reason that even some ridiculous. This year's mother's day is on a Sunday, the sun rises high high. This kind of weather, lets a person lie down and then sleep, so I were comfortably sleep in a bed. But then, mother rushed into the room, I woke me sleepy madchen looked at his watch, "a hoe-scr-r-ritch!" Less than eight points, too. Hence, I lie down again. But mom this tweeters again woke me, I be nasty, top 1: "what's the hurry, didn't so early reincarnated!" Mom slightly in anger say: "hurry up, go to see my grandma." I love bed, "fiercely against". Mom, I also had angry, we can really likes encounter axe, and at the same time we also conflicting -- -- short of cannon muzzles machine like to temper. Then, the anger rose to "1000 Celsius" almost caught up with the LianDan furnace, the theory of quarrel, I like mother, as long as mom, I will have enough reason to top nine, nine of the word "living" top ". The rabbit is obtrusive nasty! Mother finally unbearable, angrily say: "tomorrow after a day, how much you tomorrow. According to the logic, that is not always from grandma, kui you or her grandson, unfilial!" Say that finish, mom gave me two "wuzhishan," I face irritablely painful immediately. I was gnashing to endure after the fire, gas into the door locked. I don't know when her eyes with tears streaming two drip crystal. Knowing when I glanced at eye hanging on the wall calendar, oh! Today is mother's day, I had no mother is suddenly enlighted, so early, that I went to my grandmother's house. I thought: mistake! But I didn't the courage: suppress! Conscience, I pass again on the inner struggle, I'm in a dilemma. When mother came to my room door to longly say to me: "kid, just my attitude is too extreme for grandma, but I was angry and sad for you! You can't know, grandma has four children, you two aunts, uncles outerly entrance examination and the son, your daddy and work. If we don't see them, then who CARES? Do you want them? If you don't have the grandmother to you? Don't you even don't know this problem?" My tears flowing down again, the tears contains remorse, guilt, really feel regretted!
I will never forget the day of the fight in 2006, it will be lifelong remind me to care, respect for the elderly man... (how moving true composition!)母亲节,一次不应该发生的吵架 今年的母亲节我和妈妈吵了一架,这可是我有生以来,最激烈、令我最后悔的一次吵架。