New York

West Chelsea

Brian and Justin’s Brownstone

Justin rested on his side in their new bed on their first night at the brownstone. Any soreness that he might have felt from spending the day moving in and rearranging the furniture until Brian was satisfied was gone. He was too excited. Tonight, Justin would know what it would be like to have Brian, only Brian, inside him.

Brian lay behind Justin and rested his hand on his hip as he entered him. Justin could feel an immediate difference as soon as Brian slid in his dick, “It’s so hot. Did you know it’d be this hot?”

Brian drew his hips back and pushed deep into Justin’s hole, “That’s part of it. All you feel is my cock. There’s no latex in the way.” Brian pumped a couple more times. “Now relax, I want you to always remember that no matter what, I’ll always be there.”

Justin moaned and turned his head to kiss Brian. They tongued each others mouths as Brian continued to slowly fuck Justin. When they finished Brian rolled onto his back and Justin slung an arm and leg over him. After he started sucking on Brian’s earlobe Brian said, “If I wasn’t one-hundred percent certain that your little move was just a cheap ploy to get inside my ass, I’d think you were trying to cuddle with me.”

“Perish the thought.” Justin replied with mock horror before beginning to lick and nip at Brian’s neck.

“Fine, fine,” Brian sighed dramatically, “My ass is all yours, Sunshine.”

Justin immediately sat up on his knees. When they’d agreed to stop using condoms he had wondered how long it’d take before Brian would let him top. He was ecstatic. He’d hoped Brian would agree to it on their first night doing it raw, but he figured his chances were slim to none.

Brian didn’t move so Justin asked, “Aren’t you going to roll over?”

Brian shook his head, “I want to see your face when you come inside me.”

Brian’s words made Justin dizzy with desire. And when he saw Brian spread his legs and draw his knees up to give better access to his hole, it was all Justin could do to keep from fainting.

He positioned himself in front of Brian and lubed his dick. Brian winced as Justin pushed into him, but he opened his eyes when Justin leaned forward to kiss him. Brian wrapped his arms around Justin and sucked his lips in between his own. They kissed for a while taking turns fucking each other’s mouths with their tongues. Then they stopped and simply looked into each other’s eyes.

When Brian felt his orgasm approach, he took a deep breath and said, “I love you Justin,” right as he came. Justin thrust into Brian a couple more times before coming, “I love you too Brian.”

下接Queer as Folk Season 6 大结局-7 —— Happy End


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  Brian躺在贾斯汀后方,他的手放在Justin的臀部。当Brian滑动着他的JB的时候 Justin立刻就感觉到了差别,“太热了。你知道它会这么热的?”

    “保佑这种想法”。Justin有点惊吓的回答着 然后开始舔Brian的脖子。