During my travels through the mountains of Greece I was only ever scared once. It was duck and as I walked alone, I came across six large wolves that were feeding on the body of a dead animal .I had heard many stories about wolves before as a child and it was this animal that I feared more than any other .The wolves before me were huge, at least 6 feet long and covered with thick grey fur.

  As I come near, the wolves left the blood-covered snow that surrounded the body and stared walking towards me, one after anther .The stopped about 20 meters from me and stared. The lead wolf raised his head into the air and took a deep breath, as if he was smelling my presence. The animals looked both beautiful and terrifying ,but I knew I could not show them my fear .As I drew nearer ,the lead wolf raised its head  once more but this time let out a loud howl .The awful cry rang out across the silent valley ,a more frightening sound I had never heard .I was almost it signaled death .

Every moment I expected to see the pack dash at me . I knew my only hope was to pretend I had no fear. I walked past the line of wolves,like a general moving among his soldiers . They howled out again .But when they saw that their war-cry did not cause me to change my direction or make run, they feared to come after me; so they let me pass and returned to the dead animal.

  Had I turned back or tried to run away when they marched out to meet me, I am certain the whole the pack would have attacked me in a moment. But my show of false courage frightened them and kept them back.





  I know why I did poorly in high school in chemistry and mathematics: I found them boring and confusing. But getting poor grade in English upset me because I was interested in the subject. My failure to study English well led me to believe me father’s argument then my true talents might someday be realized as a tailor.

  As the only son, I was the main hope as the follower of me father’s business. As the school newspaper continued to absorb most of my free time, and as my academic grades fell below the level required to earn college-entrance consideration, my father became more insistent that I spend time in his workroom. He wanted me to learn to cut and secure a pair of trouser cuffs, to make buttonholes, and the like.

  At least, he said, tailoring was “something I could back on”. He also tried repeating an offer that I admit interested me a little: “Wouldn’t you like to live in Paris after high school?  ”  All that was required, I knew, was to own a guest room in the apartment of an older cousin of my father’s. This man had left Italy as a tailor many years before and owned a wonderful shop on the Rue de la Paix , where I work as an apprentice. I had been told that this cousin’s customer even included Charles de Gaulle.

Still, I knew from watching my father work that tailoring was boring, time-consuming and demanding. Stitch by stitch he made each suit, feeling the needle in his fingers as he sewed a piece of silk or wool. If his deviated from his definition of perfection, he would pull it apart and do it again.     




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在希腊的山区,通过我的旅行,我只是害怕过一次。这是鸭,我独自行走,我碰到六个都是在动物体内的死狼喂养大的。我听说过许多关于狼的故事之前,作为一个孩子,正是这种动物,我比任何其他更担心。狼在我面前是巨大的,至少6英尺长,覆盖着厚厚的灰色毛皮。   正如我走近,狼离开了血覆盖的积雪包围了身体和凝视着迎面扑来,一个接一个花药。已停止从约20米,我盯着。狼的领导提出他的头到空气和深吸了一口气,仿佛他是我的气味存在。这些动物看起来既美丽又可怕的,但是我知道我不能告诉他们我的恐惧。正如我走近,带头狼再次抬头,但这次让出一个响亮的嚎叫。可怕的呼声响了整个沉默的山谷,更可怕的声音我从未听说过。我几乎它标志着死亡。 每一个时刻,我期望看到在我的包冲刺。我知道我唯一的希望就是假装我没有恐惧。我走过去,狼行,他像一个普通士兵之间的移动。他们再次咆哮。但当他们看到自己的战争哭没有造成我改变方向或进行运行,他们担心以后我来,所以他们让我过去,回到死动物。   如果我回头或试图逃跑时,大步走了出来迎接我,我一定会全体攻击我的包在一个时刻。但我对虚假的勇气表明他们并让他们害怕回来。



我知道为什么我表现不佳,在化学和数学高中:我发现他们沉闷和混乱。但要在英国穷人级扰乱我,因为我在这个问题感兴趣。我没有学好英语,使我相信我父亲的说法,那么我就会成为真正的人才,作为一个裁缝实现。   作为唯一的儿子,我是作为我跟随父亲的业务主要希望。作为校报继续吸收大部分时间我的自由,和我的学术成绩低于要求获得本科入学审议的水平下降,我的父亲变得更加坚持认为我花时间在他的工作室。他要我学习削减和安全的一对袖口的裤子,使锁眼,等等。   至少,他说,裁缝是“东西我可以在”回来。他还试图重复报价,我承认我有点兴趣:“难道你想住在巴黎高中毕业后? “所有这一切都需要,我知道,自己是在一个堂兄的公寓房间我的父亲。此人已离开多年的裁缝,并拥有意大利前就拉帕克斯街,我在那儿当学徒的工作奇妙店。我被告知,这个表弟的客户甚至包括戴高乐。 不过,我知道我的父亲从看是枯燥的工作,裁缝,耗时和要求。由缝线他每西装,感觉他的手指缝一针,他的丝绸或羊毛片。如果他从他的完美的定义背离,他会拉它拆开,做一遍。