How much 和 how many 的用法,怎么用?


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how much与how many的区别在于:how many  后接可数名词复数形式,而how much 后接不可数名词。例如:

  -How many people are there in your family?你家有几口人?

  -There are five.五口人。

  -How many birds can you see in the picture?图画中你能看见多少只鸟?

  -Only one.仅看见一只鸟。

how much 是一个常见的特殊疑问词组,它的意思为“多少”,表示数量,其后面接不可数名词,也可单独使用,它在初中课本里的用法主要有:


   How much milk is there in the glass?玻璃杯里有多少牛奶?

   How much bread is there on the table?桌子上有多少面包?


   -How much do you want to buy? 你想要买多少?

  -Two kilos.两公斤。

  -How much does the pig weigh?这头猪多重?

  -Eighty kilos.八十公斤。


  -How much is three plus one?三加一等于多少?

  -It's four.等于四。

  -How much is eight minus three?八减三等于多少?

  -It's five.等于五。

  4、how much 意为“多少钱”时,可单独使用,也可构成词组how much money,但英语中常省略money,用来询问某物的价钱、价格。例如:

  How much is your new computer?你的新电脑多少钱?

  How much (money ) did you pay for the English grammar book?买这本英语语法书,你付了多少钱?

  注意:(1)how much 后接be动词时,be 是单数还是复数,取决于be之后的名词。例如:

  -How much are the parrots?这些胡萝卜多少钱?

  -Two yuan a kilo.两元一公斤。

  -How much is this coat ?这件大衣多少钱?

  -One hundred and fifty-three yuan. 一百五十三元。

  (2)how much询问价格时,它的回答若是中国的货币单位应采用汉语拼音yuan,fen来表示,几角常采用几十分来表示,字母用小写,且不用复数。例如:

  -How much is the eraser?这块橡皮擦多少钱?

  -Ninety two fen.九角二分。

  (3)在买卖过程中,买方觉得太贵不买,常用That's much too dear.作答。如果觉得比较合适,常用That's (very,quite cheap.

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How much 修饰不可数名词

how many 修饰可数名词



什么是不可数名词 ?




  例如: Little children are fond of stories .小孩子们喜欢听故事。

  Movie stars are usually popular with young people. 影星们常受到年青人的欢迎。

  它的单数形式前常用不定冠词a / an , 当它的单数形式在句子中作主语时,句 子的谓语也应用单数形式。例如: There is an orange on the table .桌上有只桔子。 A university is a higher educational institution .大学是高等教育机构。

  可数名词 countable noun ,常用缩写为cn.

  最常见的不可数名词有:baggage, change(零钱), furniture, hair, homework, information, knowledge, luggage, money, news, progress, traffic ,beef,mutton,broccoli

  2、其它不可数名词还有:absence, age, anger, courage, energy, equipment, experience, failure, fear, food, fun, health, ice, industry, kindness, labour, luck, marriage, music, nature, paper, peace, pleasure, power, pride, rain, research, respect, safety, salt, sand, silence, sleep, strength, snow, technology, time, trade, transport, travel, trust, truth, waste, water, wealth, weather, wind, work(工作)


  如:advice 劝告;消息、报告

  cake 蛋糕

  chocolate 巧克力

  fish 鱼、鱼肉

  chicken 鸡、鸡肉

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How much 加不可数

how many 加可数

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How much 主要用于 修饰不可数名词

how many 主要用于 修饰可数名词

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1.首先可以对多少提问,how much接不可数名词,how many 接可数名词 翻译为“多少。。。”

例如how much water are there?那有多少水,水不可数

how many people are there?哪有多少人,人为可数 much还可以用来提问价钱 翻译为“多少钱、、、”

how much is that pen?那个比多少钱

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How much问多少钱或对不可数名词的数量提问

how many对可数名词的数量提问