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形容词, 不诚实的,欺诈的


表语:He is dishonest

定语: He is a dishonest boy

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dishonest [dis5Cnist] adj. 不诚实的

dishonest dis.hon.est AHD:[d¹s-¼n“¹st] D.J.[dis6%nist] K.K.[d!s6$n!st] adj.(形容词) Disposed to lie, cheat, defraud, or deceive. 说谎的、欺瞒的:有意撒谎、欺骗、诈骗或蒙蔽的 Resulting from or marked by a lack of honesty. 不诚实的;不正直的:由缺乏诚实而引起的,或以不正直为特征的

Middle English dishoneste [dishonorable] 中古英语 dishoneste [不名誉的,不光彩的,可耻的] from Old French deshoneste 源自 古法语 deshoneste probably from Medieval Latin *dishonestus 可能源自 中世纪拉丁语 *dishonestus Latin dis- [dis-] 拉丁语 dis- [表示“不,相反”的意思] Latin honestus [honorable] * see honest 拉丁语 honestus [荣誉的,诚实的] *参见 honest

dishon“estly adv.(副词)

dishonest, lying, untruthful, deceitful, mendacious These adjectives mean lacking honesty or truthfulness. 这些形容词都含有不诚实或不真实的意思。 Dishonest is the least specific: Dishonest 是最普通的: a dishonest answer; 不老实的回答; a dishonest car dealer; 不诚实的汽车经营者; dishonest profits. 不正当的获利。 Lying conveys a blunt accusation of untruth: Lying 表达了对不真实性直言不讳的谴责: Inconsistencies in his testimony made it obvious that he was a lying witness. 他证词不一致,很明显,他是一个撒谎的证人。 Untruthful is a softer but closely related term;it suggests both lack of veracity and divergence from fact: Untruthful 是一个口气更温和而关系更密切的交情;该词既意味着缺乏真实,又意味着脱离事实: made an untruthful statement. As experiments are completed the hypothesis seems increasingly untruthful. 做了不真实的叙述。实验结束后,这种假说好象增加了不真实性。 Deceitful implies misleading by falsehood or by concealment of the truth: Deceitful 指由于欺骗或掩盖事实而使人迷惑的: deceitful advertising; 骗人的广告; a deceitful person. 欺骗的人。 Mendacious, a more formal equivalent of lying, suggests a chronic inclination toward untruth when it is applied to persons: Mendacious 与lying 意思一样但更为正式,当用于指人时,含有有伪造、撒谎的习惯: submitted a mendacious insurance claim. 上交了一份伪造的保险书。 Even when she is not being overtly mendacious, she tinkers with the truth. 即使当她不是公开撒谎时,她在事实的真相上也是笨拙的

dishonest [dIs5RnIst] adj. 不正直;不诚实的;欺诈的 The dishonest government official was publicly disgraced. 那个不诚实的政府官员被公开贬斥。

dishonest dis- 不 + honest 诚实的

dishonest honest

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dishonest 形容词 不诚实的 跟honest(诚实)相反。

例句:He is dishonest 他不诚实。