1.Gossip was always exchanged over the counter and the shopkeeper was often the most well-informed person in the neighborhood.

2.Shopping today seems to lack that personal element which existed when the shopkeeper knew all his regular customers personally.

3.Current research indicates a causal relationship between all forms of smoking and cancer of the mouth and throat.

4.Emotional Quotient is also an important factor in the development of one’s ability.

5.British school leavers who then proceed to university face a new set of academic norms and expectations.

6.As they progress though tertiary education, these requirements broaden to include the need to develop independent thinking and research.

7.The ability to write well in one language does not necessarily guarantee an equivalent competence in another language, irrespective of a student’s grammatical proficiency in that language.

8.Using sophisticated technology that was not available even five years ago, the scientist will rely primarily on the animals they want to study to collect the data needed to complete this research program.

9.I had let one short conversation with a total stranger change my attitude for an entire day. He told me I looked sick, and before long, I was actually feeling sick. That single negative observation had a profound effect on the way I felt and acted.

10.Dressing is an extension of self. Smart dressing always comes across as fresh, crisp and sharp. To me, It’s a projection of a person’s mental state.

11.Many is a twice-divorced single mother with three dependent kids. She had to struggle to make a living. As she is very busy with her work, she can hardly spare time for the kids, who feel neglected and complain a lot.

12.The chief duty of every government is to project persons and property. More than three-fourths of the money spent by our government is used for this purpose.

13.It’s so dark that it is impossible to tell the color of the cloth.

14Your trousers must be lightweight and long. The cuffs should be tucked into your boot tops.

15.This may cause you many extra miles of travel. But in the end it will save time and energy.

16.You can learn the customs there by watching how native people do.

17.Learn as much as possible about what to expect in the jungle.

18.If you expect something to turn out badly, it probably will. But the same principle also works in reverse. If you expect good things to happen, they usually do.

19.The way you look at life will determine how you feel, how you perform, and how well you will get along with other people.

20.When a whole culture adopts an upward look, incredible things can be accomplished. When the world is seen as a hopeful, positive place, people are empowered to attempt and to achieve.

21.Optimism doesn’t need to be naïve. You can be an optimist and still recognize that problems exist and that some of them are not dealt with easily.

22.Optimism diverts our attention away from negativism and channels it into positive, constructive thinking. When you’re an optimist, you’re more concerned with problem-solving than with useless carless about issues.

23.To be friendly you must feel friendly. A friendly person thinks of others, and do not insist on his own“rights”. People who refuse to consider other have few friends.

24.The most welcome trend in parenting is that man are participating more and more. Even that is not free of conflict, though. Women want men to do their share.

25.The World Cup is the highest goal to reach for a footballer. And I’m one of them. We will always what the great players to be fully fit to play against us.

26.Neither of the two parties can disclose the contents to a third party after the conclusion of the contract.

27.We use all sorts of services without thinking how we get them. But such services cost money. We pay for them through taxe.


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  1。流言总是交换在柜台和店主往往是最消息灵通人士在附近。      2。今天的购物似乎缺少个人因素存在那些店主人认识所有他的老客户。      3。当前的研究指出了因果关系的所有形式的吸烟和口腔癌、喉癌。      4。情商也是一个重要的因素之一是发展的能力。      5。英国毕业生谁接着大学面临一系列新的学术规范和期望。      6。虽然他们进步,这些需求扩大高等教育发展的需要,包括独立思考和研究。      7。能够写好一门语言不一定保证同等能力,而在另一种语言的语法水平的学生在语言。      8。采用先进的技术,也没有提供五年前,科学家将主要依靠动物他们想学习收集数据需要完成这项研究计划。      9。我曾让一段对话与一个陌生人改变我的态度对于一个完整的日子。他告诉我,我好像生病了,不久,其实我觉得不舒服。这单一的消极的观察有深刻的影响,我觉得并采取行动。      10。穿衣的自我。聪明的着装总是看起来像新鲜、酥脆和锋利。对我来说,这是一个投射的一个人的精神状态。      11分。许多是twice-divorced单身母亲和三个小孩。依赖她挣扎谋生。她对她的工作很忙,她几乎不能业余时间给孩子们,他们觉得被忽视的抱怨。      12。主要职责是对项目的政府人员和财产。超过四分之三的钱花在我们的政府是用于此目的。      13。太暗了,它是不可能告诉这布的颜色。      14Your裤一定轻量级和长。这个袖口必须塞进你的靴子。      15。这可能导致你很多额外英里的旅行。但是最后它能够节省时间和精力。      16岁。你可以学到如何通过海关那里观看原住民所做的工作。      17。尽可能多地学习什么期待在丛林中。      18岁。如果你希望有什么转出,它可能会严重。但是同样的原理也可以在背面。如果你期望有事情发生时,他们通常会做的。      19。你看待生活的方式将决定你的感觉,你的表现,以及如何与他人相处。      20。当一种文化从整体上采取了一种积极向上的态度,不可思议的事情可以做到的。当世界看上去是一个乐观、积极的地方,人们赋予尝试,来实现。      21。乐观并不需要是天真的。你可以是一个乐观的人,还是承认问题的存在,他知道他们当中有些不容易处理。      22。乐观精神使我们的注意力从消极方面转向积极的、建设性的思考。当你是一个乐观主义者,你更关心的是如何解决问题,而不是关于问题与无用carless。      23。要友善,你一定会觉得很友好。一个友善的人替别人着想,不坚持自己的“权利”。有人拒绝考虑其他有几个朋友。      24。最受欢迎的趋势是,男人养育参与更非常多,艺术设计多。即使这不是免费的冲突,虽然。女人希望男人做他们的份额。      25。世界杯是最高的目标为一名足球运动员。”和我就是其中之一。我们将永远什么伟大的球员能全力去打败我们。      26。双方中任何一方可以透露给第三方的内容订立合同之后。


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1.Gossip总是交换了柜台,店员往往是最良好的邻里知情的人。 2.Shopping今天似乎缺乏,个人存在的元素时,店主知道他的所有个人常客。 3.Current的研究表明,吸烟与口腔和咽喉癌的一切形式的因果关系。 4.Emotional商数也是在一个人的能力发展的重要因素。 5.British离校谁进而面对大学的学术规范和一套新的期望。 6.As他们取得的进展,但高等教育,这些规定扩大到包括需要发展独立思考和研究。 7,写作能力以及一种语言并不一定保证,在另一种语言同等能力,无论学生在该语言语法能力。 8.Using先进的技术,也无法提供了5年前,科学家将主要依赖于他们的动物要研究,以搜集需要完成这一研究项目的数据。 9.I之一,已让一个陌生人短暂的交谈改变了整整一天,我的态度。他告诉我,我看了病,不久,我其实感觉很不舒服。这种单一的负面观察了路上产生深远的影响,我觉得并采取行动。 10.Dressing是自我的延伸。智能穿衣总是在新鲜,清晰和锐利。对我来说,这是一个人的精神状态预测。 11.Many是一个两度离婚的有三个孩子的单亲妈妈依赖。她挣扎谋生。因为这是她与她的工作非常忙,她难以腾出的孩子,谁感到被忽视,抱怨很多的时间。 12.The每一个政府的主要职责是对项目人员和财产。超过四分之三的我们的政府所花的钱的四分之三用于这一目的。 13.It's,使黑暗的,不可能告诉布的颜色。 14Your长裤必须重量轻,长。在袖口应塞进你的引导顶部。 15.This可能导致您的旅行许多额外英里。但最终会节省时间和精力。 16.You只能通过观察当地人民如何有这样的习俗。 17.Learn尽可能什么期望在丛林中。 18.If您希望东西一定是件坏事,它也许会。但是,同样的原则也适用于相反。如果你希望好的事情发生,他们通常做的。 19.The方式看你的生活将决定你的感受,你如何执行,以及效果如何你将得到与其他人相处。 20.When一个整体的文化采取一种向上看看,令人难以置信的事情都干不成。当世界是一个充满希望,积极地看到,人民,有能力的尝试和实现。 21.Optimism不需要天真。你可以是一个乐观主义者,仍然认识到问题的存在,其中有些是不容易处理。 22.Optimism转移我们的注意力从消极为积极的,建设性的思考渠道。当你是一个乐观主义者,你更关心的问题比对无用卡利斯解决问题。 23.To是友好你必须感到友好。一个友善的人认为别人的,不坚持自己的“权利”。人谁不考虑其他有几个朋友。 24.The父母最欢迎的趋势是,人是越来越多地参与。即使这不是免费的冲突,但。女性希望男人尽自己的份额。 25.The世界杯的最高目标是实现一个足球运动员。而我也是其中之一。我们将永远什么伟大的球员完全适合我们对阵。 26.Neither两党可以披露的内容给第三方后订立合同。 27.We使用不加思索我们如何让他们的种种服务。但是,这种服务的成本钱。我们为他们支付通过taxe。


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