求一个英语作文(演讲用),主题是“How do college students deal with having part-time jobs while studying",演讲时间为三分钟。谢谢帮忙


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My Dream

I have so many great dreams. I know that realizing all these dreams takes a lot of time and effort.But don't worry about me. I have strong confidence in myself. I know if I keep trying,keep working hard,and keep dreaming, I will definitely realize all my dreams. I will be somebody special.But I will not only care about myself. I will contribute to my school,my hometown and my country. I will contribute to society. I will use all my abilities and talents to help my family and my country have a glorious future. I will make a difference in this world. ­

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More and more students are doing part-time work today. Students working part time usually have a positive attitude towards this extracurricular experience. Besides earning some money to support themselves,they can learn a lot which cannot be learned from textbooks. They will learn to get along with different kinds of people,get useful working experiences and learn the value of labor.
    However, there are also some disadvantages in students doing part-time work. For example, too much work may cut into student's study time when they should get the best out of their college llfe and lay a good foundation of knowledge for their college life and lay a good foundation of knowledge for their future work. Another disadvantage is that money earned, if not properly used, may lead to some bad habits, or even greed.
    Good or bad, it is not easy for students to get part-tithe jobs in China now. Even if they do get some work, they are often badly paid. To change the situation, the society should develop a fresh look at students doing parttime work and provide them with opportunities in applying what they learn in the classroom to the real life situation of our society.

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1.Some peolpe think there are more advantages for colleges students to take part-time jobs than disadvantages, others don't think so. What's your view on this? And tell why. 


A serious problem has arisen in recent several years that more and more college students abandon study because of their taking part-time jobs, so quite a few people are opposed to part-time jobs. However, taking part-time jobs has at least three benefits for college studens in my eyes. 

First, students can promote their study through part-time jobs. For instance, If a law student finds a part-time job in a law firm, his practice will enable him to better understand what he's learned from books. What's more, the part-time job can offer him opportunities to go beyond what he's been taught in class, and he'll learn something that doesn't exist in books but in practice. 

Second, students can also accumulate work experiences through part-time jobs, which will benefit their future job-hunting. Actually, part-time jobs act as warm-up exercises for students to take full-time jobs after they graduate, and help them prepare for their future careers. In addition, as fresh blood in the society, graduated students are often unfavored in job-hunting markets for lack of practical work experiences. It's easier to find jobs for those who have accumulated experiences in part-time jobs. 

Last but not the least, part-time jobs can partly relieve students' financial burden, especially those who are from poor families. College tution fees have greatly increased in the past ten years due to the new educational policy. Many students from poor families cannot afford college fees, and our bank system fail to loan college students as effectively as it does in developed countries, so taking part-time jobs becomes a way for them to meet their great expenses in campus lives. 

It's an undenied fact that students break the balance between their jobs and studies, especially when they fall into conflict with each other. But I think students should spend their spare time taking part-time jobs. Only following this principle can they benefit from their part-time jobs. 

Part-time Jobs
    Whenever we huve more free time, our classrnutes will be busy recommending part-time jobs to one another.
    When we pass by the bulletin board on the campus, we often catch sight of some want ads attached to it. It is obvious that holding part-time jobs has become a growing tendency among university students. More and more students would like to work after class and their chances of getting a job are becoming abundant.
    There are always two sides to a question. Part-time jobs are no exceptions. They have either the pro side or the con side. On the one hand, part-time jobs not only enable students to cultivate their abilities, but also help them apply their knowledge to practice. Furthermore, students who have part-time jobs can relieve, to some extent, the economic burdens of their parents. However, on the other hand, after-class work may distract the students' attention from their studies. Some students who have secured part-time jobs have already shown a decline in their studies.
    I don't want to argue on the feasibility of holding part-time jobs. But there is no doubt that as a student, great emphasis should be placed on his studies. He should not allow his four years' time in the university to slip by for nothing. Instead, he must treasure his time and absorb as much knowledge as he can to lay a solid foundation for his future career.
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