The day that I met my best friend for the first time ,I was full of anxiety I was trying to do some revision for an important oral exam in the local library and people kept disturbing me 。I was getting more and more annoy and of curse,the more upset I got, the less I was able to concentrate。The last straw was when I heard someone singing behind me 。The singing was so loud that I could even recognize the song !I turned around and glared at the person who was singing 。It was a tall girl about the same age as me and she had a big smile on her face 。She was standing with a book in her hands near the “English Literature” section 。 She looked like a literary type and seemed very interested in what she was reading 。I glanced at the book’s cover .。It was a book of Tennyson’s poems 。.

The fact that she looked like a sensitive , friendly girl didn’t  matter 。 If  anything , it made me even angrier . “How could she be so selfish ? ” I thought angrily 。 In fact ,  I’m surprised there wasn’t steam coming out of my ears !

I picked up my books , glared at her and whispered angrily , “Thanks to your noise , I’ve been unable to study . You’re so selfish ! ”

I still hate thinking of that moment .Let me tell you the rest of the story though..

Because I left the library in such a hurry ,I left my most important textbook behind .It was only when I got home two hours later that I realized  I’d forgotten it and there was nothing I could do as the library was closed .I was so upset that I almost cried .Just then ,the phone rang .I answered it and a gentle voice introduced the speaker as Jenny and asked if I was Jane .After confirming that I was, Jenny said that she had noticed I’d left my book in the library and as my name was in it ,she’d asked a librarian to get my phone number from their files .She said that she didn’t live far away and could bring it around for me if I needed it .

I sighed with relief and agreed to meet her at the convenience store down the road. I was so grateful! Of course you’ve guessed who Jenny was. She was the girl I had shouted at for singing .When I recognised her in the convenience store, I was filled with shame and apologized several times for my rude behaviour . I felt so guilty , but Jenny just laughed and told me she was glad to see that I’d also left my glare in the library ! I couldn’t help laughing at this and I invited her back to my apartment for a quick cup of tea .

    We got along really well and ever since then we’ve been best friends . We’re very much alike and we tell each other everything . To be honest , I trust her more than anyone else . I often think how lucky I am . If Jenny hadn’t been a kind person who was willing to forgive my shortcomings , I would never have experienced such true friendship.



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一天,我遇见了我最好的朋友是第一次,我充满了焦虑,我尝试做一些修订的一个重要口试在当地图书馆和人民保持令人不安。我是越来越烦扰和诅咒,更不满我,那么我可以集中精力。的最后一根稻草是当我听到有人唱我的后面。歌唱如此大声说,我什至可以承认这首歌,我回头瞪着的人谁是唱歌。这是一个高大的女孩年龄大约相同的我和她有一个大的微笑在她脸上。她站在与一本书,她的双手靠近“英语文学”一节。她仿佛变了一个文学类型,而且似乎非常有兴趣在她读。我看了看这本书的封面。 。这是一本书的坦尼森的诗。 。 

事实上,她仿佛变了一个敏感的,友好的女孩没有问题。如果有任何作用,它使我更感到气愤。 “怎么可能,她是如此自私? “我觉得愤怒。事实上,我很惊讶也没有打一出来,我的耳朵! 

我拿起我的书,瞪着她低声愤怒, “感谢您的噪音,我已经无法研究。你真是自私! “