是这个意思                   Holle是整个欧洲北部。 She is also known as Holda or Hulda.她也被称为霍尔达或胡尔达。 A triple goddess, Holle is the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone--the embodiment of the three stages of womanhood.三女神, Holle是少女,母亲和科融-体现了三个阶段的女性。 

As Maiden, she is the ash girl, whose face is half black with soot.作为少女,她是灰的女孩,他们面对的是成功的一半黑色烟尘。 Destined to marry Holler, King of Winter and Frost, he tested her with a riddle to be sure of Holle's worthiness.注定要结婚霍勒国王冬季霜冻,他测试她一个谜,以确保Holle的价值。 She had to come to his palace neither naked nor clothed, neither riding nor walking, neither alone nor with companions, in neither light nor darkness.她曾到他的宫殿也都穿着衣服,无论是骑马或步行,既不单独或与同伴,在没有光,也没有黑暗。 Holle answered by arriving wrapped in a fishing net, sitting on a donkey with one toe dragging on the ground, surrounded by twenty-four wolves at twilight. Holle回答抵达装在一个渔网,坐在毛驴一趾拖在地面上,周围是2004年森林狼在黄昏。

Holle as Mother is said to be seen as a woman from the front and a tree form the back. Holle说,作为母亲是被视为一个女人从正面和树木构成了回来。 Representing fertility and growth she guards and nurtures all the green growing things of the forest.代表生育率和生长警卫和培养她的所有绿色的东西越来越多的森林。

As Crone, Holle is viewed as the wise Queen of Winter.正如科融, Holle被认为是明智的女王的冬季。 She shakes her bed till the feathers fly to make it snow.她摇摇床,直到羽毛飞往使它下雪。 When it snows in Holland, people still say, 'Dame Holle is shaking her bed'.当雪在荷兰,人们仍然说: '夫人Holle动摇她的床。 Frau Holle, as she is known in Germany, was called The Queen of the Witches.弗劳Holle ,因为她是在德国,被称为女王的巫师。 The brothers Grimm tell a story of step-sisters who both go to visit Frau Holle in the 'nether realms'.格林兄弟讲故事的一步谁姐妹们都去访问弗劳Holle在'虚空境界。 They begin their journey to her by falling in a well.他们开始他们的旅程给她属于良好。 One is diligent, learning the lessons Frau Holle teaches well, and is showered with gold.一个是勤奋,学习的经验教训弗劳Holle教好,是沐浴黄金。 The other is lazy and does not learn the lessons well and is showered with manure.另一个是懒惰,不汲取教训,并正在洗澡与粪肥。 Her counterpart in Russia is called Baba Yaga .她是在俄罗斯外长呼吁巴巴加纳亚加 。

Holle's name is linguistically related to the word Halja, which means "covering", and is the ancient Teutonic name for Hel , the Norse land of the dead. Holle的名字相关的语言文字Halja ,意思是“覆盖” ,是古代日尔曼名称海尔 ,在挪威的土地的死亡。 Holle is called the Queen of the Dead, and resides in the 'nether' regions. Holle称为女王死了,居住在'阴'地区。 She possibly lent her name to the country Holland, 'the land of Holle', which is also called the Netherlands because many parts of the country are below sea-level.她可能是借给她的名字,以该国荷兰,土地Holle ' ,也被称为荷兰,因为该国许多地区都低于海平面。

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