Oh my Jason 
It is as easy as pie to read stories because lots of them are chicken “soup for the soul”. However, it is extremely hard for me, stupid Vivian, to write one, but I will try my best to provide a good story. I will write about a poor boy who finally becomes a superstar.   This kind of story is extremely popular because there are always more unsuccessful people than successful people, and all these people have one thing in common— they are all willing to become more successful; therefore, the public taste can be satisfied.  

First of all, I will name my protagonist……Hmmm……let’s say, Jason. I choose this name because it sounds countrified and it represents where my protagonist comes from. And then, I will make him less than six feet since I don’t need a tall boy in my story. In many novels, tall boys represent high social position even though the truth is that many well-heeled people are as short as potatoes. Jason will have black hair and rough skin which indicate that he does not care whether he looks good or not. For the last step, I will give him a small face and a long nose. A small face will not only make him look younger than people of his own age, but also attract more females—when a woman stares at a childlike face, it will bring out motherliness in her. A person with a long nose has a will of iron which is very necessary for him to gain success. 

Well, let us start the story. 

The sky is dark grey, the bare shapes of the winter trees are standing out against the sky. The wind is blowing thither and hither while stripping the leaves of all the trees. These leaves are flying in the air, as if there are thousands of butterflies. A boy in a dull green padded jacket is walking against the wind, but later, he no longer seems capable of walking without staggering. He finally comes a stop and raises his head.  

His name is Jason
His name is Jason Zhang, a regular boy whose biggest dream is to buy a huge house filled with flowers for his parents. He already graduated from a normal high school and is attending a normal university. If everything goes well, he will have a simple job and a cute wife. Then, his wife and he will earn money to follow the promise he made to his parents. Even though he is such an usual boy, God has bestowed him with a precious gift—a beautiful voice. He thinks he may become a singer so that his family can have a better life.


2007-11-03 回答
它是那么简单,饼阅读故事,因为很多人是鸡" ,汤为灵魂" 。然而,这是非常难对我来说,愚蠢伍丽,一个写,但我会尽我所能,提供了一个良好的故事。我会写一个贫穷的男孩,终于成为超级巨星。这样的故事,是极受欢迎的,因为总有那么多失败的人比成功的人,所有这些人都有一个共同点-他们都愿意成为更成功;因此,市民的口味,可以得到满足。 

首先,我将我的名字主角… … hmmm … …让我们说,贾森。我选择这个名称,因为它听起来countrified和它代表了我的主角从何而来。然后,我会令他不到6英尺以来,我并不需要一个高大的男孩在我的故事。在许多小说中,男生身高代表着很高的社会地位,即使事实的真相是,许多富裕阶层的人越短土豆。贾森将有黑头发和粗糙的皮肤,这表明,他并不关心他是否期待好还是不好。为最后一步,我会给他一小面及长鼻子。一小面,将不仅使他看上去更加年轻,比同龄人的身份,但同时也会吸引更多的女性-当一个女人stares在一个小孩子一样脸,它会带出motherliness在她的。一个人有了一个长期的鼻子有意志,铁,是非常有必要让他获得成功。