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    Nowadays the newspaper possesses considerable value Everybody should read it. It supplies us with a variety of news every day. It tells us the political situation of the world. If we form the habit of reading the newspaper, we shall (will) get enough knowledge to cope with our circumstances.



    Though my daily life is extremely monotonous, I try hard to adapt myself to it. Why? Because I intend to be a good student. I wish to render service to my country.

    I get up at six o’clock every day. After I wash my face and brush my teeth, I begin to review my lessons. I go to school at seven o’clock.

    After school is over, I return home. We usually have supper at seven o’clock.Then I begin to do my homework. I want to finish it before I go to bed.




    There is no doubt that happiness is the most precious thing in the world. Without it, life will be empty and meaningless. If you wish to know how to get happiness, you must pay attention to the following two points.

    First, health is the secret of happiness (the key to happiness). Only a strong man can enjoy the pleasure of life.

    Secondly, happiness consists in contentment. A man who is dissatisfied with his present condition is always in distress.



A TRIP TO THE COUNTRY 乡村游记   One Sunday my mother (Mother) had (made) me take my little young brother to the a trip to the country. She bade me take good care of him.   While we were walking along the road, the sun was shining brightly and the breeze was blowing gently. We saw the beautiful flowers smile (smiling) at us and heard the birds sing (singing) their sweet songs on the trees. The scenery was indeed very pretty (beautiful).   When we felt tired, we returned home. We saw Mother (our mother) wait (waiting) for us at the door.   有一个星期日,我母亲叫我带弟弟去乡村游历。她吩咐我要好好照料他。   当我们沿着道路行走的时候,太阳灿烂地照耀着,微风轻轻地吹着。我们看见美丽的花儿对我们微笑着,并听见鸟儿在树上唱着悦耳的歌曲,风景实十分美丽。   当我们感觉到疲倦的时候,我们就回家了。我们看见母亲正在门口等候我们。
=========================================================== MY NATIVE TOWN 我的故乡   My native town is X. We have settled down here since my grandfather was a child. In other words, my family has lived here for more than one hundred years.   It is a small village. There are about one thousand inhabitants. Most of them are farmers. The mode of their living is very simple. However, they have already possessed television sets and refrigerators. They made up their minds to live a modern life.   我的故乡是X。我们自从祖父是小孩时,就定居在此地。换句话说,我们家人在此地已经住了一百余年了。   这个小村庄。居民大约有一千人。他们大部分是农夫。他们的生活方式很简单。然而,他们已拥有电视和冰箱。他们下定决心要过一个现代的生活。

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Hi,I’m xxx. I'm 13 years old and I study in xxx Middle School. My school is ...Every morning I get up at seven and have breakfast. And then I go to school at half past seven. Lessons begin at eight o’clock. We have four lessons in the morning and Chinese is my favourite lesson. We usually have 10 minute's break between two lessons and at about 12 o'clock we finish our morning lessons. I have lunch at school at twelve thirty.I like school lunch and I always have rice with meat and vegetables. After lunch I often talk with my friends or play basketball with them. In the afternoon lessons start at half past one and finish at four o’clock. I play games after school with my friends and then go home at half past four. In the evening I do my homework and then watch TV. At ten o’clock I go to bed. It’s really a busy day but I like it. 
.I like the Chinese new year better than any other festival. This is a time especially for rest and joy. I need not study. I wear good clothes and eat good food. I have a good time from morning till night. I am as happy as a king. 3.No sooner had the witer vacation begun than I returned to my native town. Of course I must make good use of it;.In the morning I reviewed my lessons and read newspapers or magazines. In the afternoon I played ball games with my friends or went fishing in the river. At night I watched television with my family. hardly had the clock on the wall struck ten when I went to bed. my trip to japanJapan was fun. It was very cool and windy. We flew kites in We ate a lot of fish。 I also liked the vegetables and cake there. I hope I can go to Japan one more time.
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Electricity is so important in our lives that we cann't live without it.On one hand,electricity brings us convinences,on the other hand,it is dangerous for us to take advantages of electricity.For example,it is easy too get electric shock,expecially yong children who are curious and naughty.So we should use electricity properly and pay attention to our safety.Here are five rules of using electricity. First,we shouldn't turn off the home appliances with our wet hands in case of electric shock.Second,do not use conductive material such as wire or nails to touch the inner power outlet.Thirdly,when you use power tools you should wear insulated gloves.Forth,you should make sure that the wires access to good joints and are connected reliably.Fifth,do not demolish the power lines or sockets casually,if something's wrong with the line you should ask the professionals.