Three years' wages are jingling in my pocket.
    "How much is your treasure?" the dwarf asked him.
    "How much? Three hellers in real money, precisely counted."
    "Listen," said the dwarf, "I am a poor and needy man. Give me your three hellers. I can no longer work, but you are young and can easily earn your bread."
    Now because the servant had a good heart and felt pity for the dwarf, he gave him his three hellers, saying, "In God's name, I won't miss them."
    Then the dwarf said, "Because I see that you have a good heart I will grant you three wishes, one for each heller. They shall all be fulfilled."
    "Aha," said the servant. "You are a miracle worker. Well, then, if it is to be so, first of all I wish for a blowpipe that will hit everything I aim at; second, for a fiddle, that when I play it, anyone who hears it will have to dance; and third, that whenever I ask a favor of anyone, it will be granted."
    "You shall have all that," said the dwarf. He reached into the bush, and what do you think, there lay a fiddle and a blowpipe, all ready, just as if they had been ordered. He gave them to the servant, saying, "No one will ever be able to deny any request that you might make."
    "What more could my heart desire?" said the servant to himself, and went merrily on his way.
    Soon afterward he met a Jew with a long goatee, who was standing listening to a bird singing high up in the top of a tree.
    "One of God's own miracles," he shouted, "that such a small creature should have such a fearfully loud voice. If only it were mine! If only someone would sprinkle some salt on its tail!"
    "If that is all you want," said the servant, "then the bird shall soon be down here." He took aim, hit it precisely, and the bird fell down into a thorn hedge.
    "Rogue," he said to the Jew, "Go and fetch the bird out for yourself."
    "My goodness," said the Jew, "don't call me a rogue, sir, but I will be the dog and get the bird out for myself. After all, you're the one who shot it."
    Then he lay down on the ground and began crawling into the thicket. When he was in the middle of the thorns, the good servant could not resist the temptation to pick up his fiddle and begin to play.
    The Jew's legs immediately began to move, and he jumped up. The more the servant fiddled the better went the dance. However, the thorns ripped apart the Jew's shabby coat, combed his beard, and pricked and pinched him all over his body.
 "My goodness," cried the Jew, "what do I want with your fiddling? Stop playing, sir. I don't want to dance."
    But the servant did not listen to him, and thought, "You have fleeced people often enough, and now the thorn hedge shall do the same to you." He began to play all over again, so that the Jew had to jump even higher, leaving scraps from his coat hanging on the thorns.
    "Oh, woe is me!" cried the Jew. "I will give the gentleman anything he asks, if only he quits fiddling, even a purse filled with gold."
    "If you are so generous," said the servant, "then I will stop my music. But I must praise the singular way that you dance to it." Then he took his purse he went on his way.
    The Jew stood there quietly watching the servant until he was far off and out of sight, and then he screamed out with all his might, "You miserable musician, you beer-house fiddler! Wait until I catch you alone. I will chase you until you wear the soles off your shoes. You ragamuffin, just put a groschen in your mouth, so that you will be worth six hellers." He continued to curse as fast as he could speak. As soon as he had thus refreshed himself a little, and caught his breath again, he ran into the town to the judge.


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“多少钱是你的宝藏? ”矮问他。 
“多少钱?三赫勒斯在真正的金钱,这正是计算。 ” 
“听着,说: ”矮, “我是一个穷人和有需要的人。请给我你的三个赫勒斯。我不能再工作,但你还年轻,并可以轻松地获得你的面包。 ” 
现在,因为有良好的公仆心,觉得很可惜的矮,他给他的三个赫勒斯说: “在上帝的名字,我不会想念他们。 ” 
那么矮说: “因为我看到您有一个良好的心,我将给予你三个愿望,每个海勒。他们都将得到满足。 ” 
“啊,说: ”仆人。 “你是一个奇迹工作者。好吧,那么,如果是这样,首先,我希望有一个吹管,将打击一切我的目标是在第二,为小提琴,当我玩,谁听到它将舞蹈;第三,每当我问一个人支持,这将是理所当然的。 “ 
“你都表示, ”矮。他伸手到布什,你怎么看待,有奠定了小提琴和吹管,一切准备就绪,其情形就如同他们已经命令。他给他们的仆人,他说: “没有人会可以拒绝任何要求,您可能会作出。 ” 
“什么我的心更可能的愿望? ”说自己的仆人,然后愉快地对他的去路。 
“一个上帝的奇迹, ”他喊道: “这种小动物应该有这样一种可怕响亮的声音。只要它是地雷!如果只有有人会洒一些盐对它的尾巴! ” 
“如果这是你想要的说, ”仆人“ ,那么应尽快禽流这里。 ”他的目标,击中确切地说,和禽流下降到索恩博对冲。 
“流氓, ”他说的犹太人, “去撷取禽流了吧。 ” 
“天哪,说: ”犹太人, “不要打电话给我一个无赖,主席先生,但我将是棒球和获得禽流了自己。毕竟,你是一个谁枪。 ” 
“天哪, ”哭的犹太人, “什么我想你顺藤摸瓜?停止播放,先生。我不想跳舞。 ” 
但仆人没有听他的,并认为, “你的人往往借机压低分数不够,现在的眼中钉对冲应做同样的给你。 ”他开始发挥各地再次,使犹太人不得不跳转甚至更高,而从他的外套签名挂在荆棘。 
“噢,休戚与共是我! ”叫道犹太人。 “我会给他的那位先生问什么,只要他退出顺藤摸瓜,甚至一个钱包充满了金牌。 ” 
“如果你是如此的慷慨表示, ”仆人“ ,那么我会停止我的音乐。但我必须赞扬奇异舞蹈方式,你给它。 ”然后,他把他的钱包他接着他的去路。 
站在那里的犹太人静观的仆人,直到他远离消失在视线之外,然后,他尖叫了他所有的可能, “你可怜的音乐家,您啤酒内部招潮蟹!等待,直到我抓住你的。我会追你直到你穿上鞋底脱鞋。您寒酸样子的孩子,只是把格罗申在你的嘴,让您将价值6赫勒斯。 “他继续诅咒一样快,他会说。当他就此刷新自己一点点,并再次引起了他的呼吸,他跑到镇的法官。