题目是the sojourner,作者是Carson McCullers,开头第一句是The twilight border between sleep and waking was a Roman one this morning:splashing fountains and arched,narrow street the golden lavish city of blossoms and age-soft stone.要这篇小说的中文版,贴不下可以分几次回答,谢谢了


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黄昏之间的边界睡眠和清醒是一个罗马人今天上午:溅喷泉,拱形的,狭窄的街道,豪华的黄金城樱花和年龄的软石。 Sometimes in this semi-consciousness he sojourned again in Paris, or war German rubble, or Swiss skiing and a snow hotel.有时候,在这半旅居意识,他再次在巴黎,德国或战争废墟,或瑞士滑雪和雪酒店。 Sometimes, also, in a fallow Georgia field at hunting dawn.有时,还,在休耕格鲁吉亚狩猎场黎明。 Rome it was this morning in the yearless region of dreams.罗马是在今天上午的yearless地区的梦想。 

John Ferris awoke in a room in a New York hotel.约翰费里斯醒来在一个房间里在纽约酒店。 He had the feeling that something unpleasant was awaiting him -- what it was, he did not know. The feeling, submerged by matinal necessities, lingered even after he had dressed and gone downstairs.他的感觉是不愉快的东西正在等待他的-这是什么,他不知道。感觉,淹没了m atinal必需品,甚至徘徊后,他曾穿着下楼去。 It was a cloudless autumn day and the pale sunlight sliced between the pastel skyscrapers.这是一个晴朗的秋日的阳光下苍白片粉笔之间的摩天大楼。 Ferris went into the next-door drugstore and sat at the end booth next to the window glass that overlooked the sidewalk.摩天走进隔壁的药店和坐在展台的月底旁边的窗户玻璃,忽视了人行道上。 He ordered an American breakfast with scrambled eggs and sausage.他下令美国的早餐炒鸡蛋和香肠。 

Ferris had come from Paris to his father's funeral which had taken place the week before in his home town in Georgia.摩天来自巴黎,他父亲的葬礼而发生了一周前在他的家乡格鲁吉亚。 The shock of death had made him aware of youth already passed.休克死亡已使他意识到青年已经过去了。 His hair was receding and the veins in his now naked temples were pulsing and prominent and his body was spare except for an incipient belly bulge.他的头发是后退和他的静脉现在赤裸裸的寺庙和著名的脉动和他的尸体被备件除了早期的腹部隆起。 Ferris had loved his father and the bond between them had once been extraordinarily close -- but the years had somehow unraveled this filial devotion; the death, expected for a long time, had left him with an unforeseen dismay.摩天爱他的父亲和债券它们之间曾经非常密切-但多年来不知揭开这个孝顺的奉献;死亡,预计很长一段时间,曾给他留下了未预见的失望。 He had stayed as long as possible to be near his mother and brothers at home.他留在尽可能长的时间将接近他的母亲和兄弟在家里。 His plane for Paris was to leave the next morning.他的飞机前往巴黎是假第二天早晨。 

Ferris pulled out his address book to verify a number.摩天掏出通讯录核实一个数字。 He turned the pages with growing attentiveness.他转过身来的网页越来越专注。 Names and addresses from New York, the capitals of Europe, a few faint ones from his home state in the South. Faded, printed names, sprawled drunken ones.名称和地址,纽约的首都,欧洲一些淡淡的从他的家乡在南方。失色,印刷品名称,摊开醉酒的。 Betty Wills: a random love, married now.贝蒂遗嘱:一个随机的爱,现在结婚。 Charlie Williams: wounded in the Hurtgen Forest, unheard of since.查理威廉姆斯:受伤Hurtgen森林,自闻所未闻的。 Grand old Williams -- did he live or die?大岁的威廉姆斯-他生或死? Don Walker: a BTO in television, getting rich.唐沃克:一个的BTO电视,致富。 Henry Green: hit the skids after the war, in a sanitarium now, they say.亨利格林:击中刹车装置在战争结束后,在一个疗养院现在,他们说。 Cozie Hall: he had heard that she was dead. Heedless, laughing Cozie -- it was strange to think that she too, silly girl, could die. Cozie展馆:他曾听说,她已经死了。不顾笑着Cozie -真的很奇怪,认为她太,傻姑娘,可能死亡。 As Ferris closed the address book, he suffered a sense of hazard, transience, almost of fear.随着摩天关闭了地址簿,他遭受了灾害意识,顷刻,几乎恐惧。